The Treasure Hunt

Life is a treasure hunt and we all have the key to it. Unfortunately, many of us never unlock it and just die poor.

One day, the middle shelf of her father’s closet caught her attention. That single stack of around ten books had always been there. However, she never had a thought of reading any of them.

There was absolutely no apparent charm in those old mangled books. However, there was nothing else to read that day and boredom was just killing her. Finally, she picked one from those books.

WOW! What a delight.

She felt in love immediately with the beauty of those words that were new for her. Although the Urdu vocab was tough, it was persuasive. It was the first time in her life she was reading something so meaningful, profound and deep-seated. She was so fascinated with words that were going straight into the soul. She was excited that there were invocations for every occasion; when you are sad, when you are happy, when you are greeting somebody, when you are afraid, when you fail to achieve, when you are stricken by faith, when you stir in night, when you feel a pain, when something pleasant happens, and the list was long. There were special invocations for morning & evenings, for dawn & sunset, for travel & study, for eating & clothing, and for everything.

Though she loved the invocations, she was skeptic about many.

As life moved, it gave new pages to read, and new columns to write. With all new endeavors, things, relations, experiences, deadlines, and targets, there was a lot to explore. Though she preserved few invocations from that book in her heart forever, she never thought much about the rest of them.

What goes around comes back around again. Like a season in the cycle, it came back; however, quite intense recently.

The book of ‘Prophetic Invocations’ came back in her life again.
This time forever (In sha Allaah).

These are not supplications mere to recite at mornings and evenings, while leaving the home and entering it, they are the treasure of philosophy of life. These simple one or two sentences of invocations give us keys to handle the situations in our life. They are not mere words for the tongue, but the remedy for souls too. These are practical guidelines of life. They are fabulous keys of acquiring success in this world and attaining pleasure in the hereafter. They do not just give you words of comfort, but untie the knots in human intellect. They are the healer for the heart and tonic for the mind.

She never knew what it felt like finding peace in remembrance of Allaah until she learned and dwelt deeply on the Prophetic Invocations.


As she walks along and hunts for the treasure hidden, she wants to share her riches with you too.
Walk along, please.
Be along.