The Diary Of Anonymous

Nobody can tell your story the way you can tell your story. So, tell your story.

See what she got…
‘A Diary’
The Diary of Anonymous.

This is going to be fun. Diary is just filled with many stories, with the untold stories of anonymous. Real to its voice ‘The Might of Pen’ is going to narrate many stories for you…the story of an anonymous friend, an anonymous cousin, some anonymous boss, an anonymous newly-wed, that anonymous sister, those anonymous colleagues, few anonymous teachers, some anonymous relatives.

Just grab your cup of tea and be ready to read lots of real-life stories of courage, wisdom, failure, fraud, jealousy, camouflage, confessions, dreams and lot more.

In the ink of ‘The Might of Pen’ these are the Imaan-booster real stories of family and friends who are either too shy or too afraid to narrate their stories themselves. A few are humble confessions and others are polite warnings. While some are shy narrations of blessings, others are tearful stories of repentance. Sweet or bitter, they will linger in mind with their incisive, strong, and true messages of life. Last but not least they are going to enrich us with the ultimate wisdom of Qur’an and Sunnah.   

A few of them might be controversial but definitely, need to be told. There can not be greater stinginess than to keep an untold story within you that needs to be told. Backlash might be expected on some of them; but, definitely, silence is not the option. Stay anonymous stay safe. Ink them in the might of pen.

To make you think and smile (or cry perhaps), ‘The Might of Pen’ is bringing disparate groups of people together to give them a voice to help express their joys and concerns.

(And, you know what’s the best part…A few of the pages of the diary are still empty; and, that simply means you could be the next anonymous 😊 Simply share your experiences with ‘The Might of Pen’ on its website, ‘contact’ her and tell your stories too.)

Happy Reading!