Pills Spilled

Any man who is intelligent must, on considering that health is of the utmost value to human beings, have the personal understanding necessary to help himself in diseases, and be able to understand and to judge what physicians say and what they administer to his body, being versed in each of these matters to a degree reasonable for a layman – Hippocratic Corpus

‘Affections’ is unique among the Hippocratic writings in that it presents itself as a manual for lay people and not physicians. It is the work of a medical specialist whose aim is to transmit the medical knowledge every intelligent layman should possess.

“I second that.”

However, keeping your medical knowledge up to date can be difficult. It can be even more daunting if you don’t have a background in health or medicine.

She is here for you.
She holds Masters degree in Pharma Sciences that implies she has a solid understanding of medical information, fundamental to give her confidence that writing is medically accurate for a lay person.

So, as Hippocrates says, ‘be an intelligent layman’.
Read ‘Pills Spilled’.

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