‘O’ Woman-iya

There is a rose in her hand and that’s an iron hand in the velvet glove.

Women are not equal to men; and, they need not be. Period.

Neither feminist nor anti-feminist. Unapologetically feminine, she proudly nurtures her feminine side.

In a highly fast-paced and competitive world where there is always a push towards gender neutrality and most of the women around are raising slogans of equality, she is ironing her husband’s shirt all dolled-up (with pride).

Let’s look at the beautiful world from the lens of a woman who takes pride in her feminism.

She regards it as a special gift from her Lord that makes her softer, kinder, more compassionate, more loving and nurturing.

Let’s read what she thinks about being a woman.
Let’s dance on the tunes of ‘O’-Womania…