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When Pen is the Tongue of your Mind, Nobody can listen to you Better than a Paper can…

‘The Might of Pen’ are the musings of an ordinary woman who looks at life through the lens of Noble Qur’an and, finds extra-ordinary in ordinary. She finds the immense joy of life in mundane things around her and shares her amusement with you. She is not in any artificial state of bliss but, feels enchanted in the cynical patterns of her life, contented & happy.

She picks her treasures from the Noble Qur’an, sayings of beloved Prophet, lives & supplications of Messengers, scholars, & philosophers of life; and, believes in sharing her riches with the world.

She is not a poet, but her style is poetic. She is not an artist but illustrates most of her work in her own colors making ordinary paint stroke on barren canvas of her life day after day in the hope that she will get a beautiful tapestry one day.

She is an ordinary woman who got (like everybody else) her own share of youth, health, wealth, free-time & life; and, wants to take benefit of this share of five before five, i.e. old age, sickness, poverty, preoccupation & death.

Just like everybody else, she also got her share of lemons from life; however, she is not making lemonade only for herself to drink. Rather she believes in sowing seeds and planting lemon trees in the hope that one-day others could drink lemonade from the lemons of her lemon trees, and that might please her Lord.

She writes because she always feels a piece of writing within her urging to come out; to inspire others & to get inspired herself.

On her journey of life, infusing all her senses, exploring the frozen sea within her using the teachings of Holy Qur’an as an axe, she invites you to walk along to feel the joy and the wonder of life with her.

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Get a glimpse of her musings about Spirituality, Humanity, Society, Culture, Science, Education & Lot More, on her platform ‘The Might of Pen’.

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