Best Kept Secrets

It is the human capacity that’s limited not the knowledge.

No. Science is not a new thing.
No. It’s not your enemy.
No. It doesn’t make you an atheist.
No. It is just the explanation of indigenous knowledge itself.

She loves Science. And, she has all the reasons to fall for it.

By studying Science, she gets a clearer vision of reality.
It helps her to make informed decisions.
It is helping her to be a responsible human being.
It is teaching her to know her surroundings better.
It helps her to work smarter.
It is helping her brain’s cognitive functioning in positive ways.
It is helping her to appreciate her life better and to be happier.
Above all, it is bringing her closer to her Creator.

Come On. Let’s learn with her.
Let’s read ‘Best Kept Secrets’.