The Hand Behind The Pen


I am the hand behind the pen, an Indian woman, writing ‘tales & thoughts’ fusing ‘mind & soul’ for ‘life, death, & beyond…’ in pursuit of making sense of my life.

I hold Master’s degree in ‘Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry’. My writing journey started when I joined a Medical Publication House as an intern in 2012. By virtue of my inclination towards ‘reading & writing’ and my willingness to learn, it didn’t take me long to learn the skill of editing. And, eventually, I fell for the art of writing too. I worked as an Assistant Editor & Medical Writer for a couple of years before finally switching to write on a Freelance basis only to pursue my dream to study the Qur’an, the Divine Book of God.

Though my education-background and profession make me an ideal candidate for scientific & medical writing, my pen is beyond that.

Being an ardent reader of religion & spirituality, my ever-expanding appetite for reading rekindled the spark within me to write myself to make others read. I aspire to inspire by sharing my allure with the human soul and all that is around. And, now I regularly write on my blog ‘The Might of Pen’ ( I am also contributing with my blogs to a ‘heritage and cultural’ site, ( where I write in Urdu language under the pen Name ‘Meri Qalam Se’ presenting the tales & narratives of residents of Old Delhi. I am also writing stories for ‘Old Delhi Podcast’, a podcast series narrating voices of Old Delhi in an attempt to invoke nostalgia.

Though I usually write notions in the ink of religion & spirituality, my writings equally belong to those whose beliefs are not akin to mine. I also take great interest in crafting tales revolving around food. My educational background in Medicine & Research gives me backing to write on the issues pertaining to ‘health, food & medicine’ and to present complex scientific information into succulent write-ups palatable for a layman. I also aspire to write thought-provoking reflections of life to give my readers the ability to see extraordinary in ordinary. I am also looking forward to writing for children and teenagers, the stories of disputed matters of differences exposing the quirky & dual standards of the society I grew up in.

At the end of the day, I am a perfectly imperfect ordinary woman writing straight from the heart to make sense of my life and to discover my usefulness. I am an imperfect slave of my Perfect Lord.

Sisterly Yours
Kausar Bint-E-Saleem
(Writing ‘Tales & Thoughts’ fusing ‘Mind & Soul’ for ‘Life, Death & Beyond…’)