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Welcome to! I am so glad you are here.

A writer (in-the-making) by day, a reader by night and a typical housewife all the time, I am Kausar Bint-e-Saleem, the hand behind the pen. Here I write my ‘tales & thoughts’ fusing ‘mind & soul’ for ‘life, death & beyond’. I usually think notions that definitely do not appeal to the mainstream media. However, with an ardent faith in ‘writing not just for the sake of writing’, unapologetic for that, that’s me.

You read as I write to write enough and to write better


You are at the right place if you love to look at life from a different perspective, with the lens of religion & spirituality. It still belongs to you if you do not believe in religion or simply have beliefs not akin to mine.

Equally for you if you want to witness the transition of a budding writer into full bloom. Be my amateur or my critic, please. Read as I write.

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Through my blogs, my motto is to give you the ‘ability’ to find extraordinary in ordinary things, the ‘agility’ to challenge what you do not feel right, and the ‘humility’ to submit to what is right.

As, my faith, health, family, and community are my top priorities (In this particular order), you will take home musings that will help you to achieve a calm mind and an enlightened spirit to excel in all domains of your life for life, death, and beyond.

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Come On. Let’s Take a Tour of my Literary World.

So, this is all I write at a glance. All my writings at fall under these categories.

Ink of Faith

Inspirations from ‘Divine Inspiration’ in a nutshell. The Ink of faith encircles three domains; Pearls from Qur’an, In His Footsteps, and The Treasure Hunt.

The Diary of Anonymous

Filled with many untold stories of anonymous, it is a perfect place to get a voice to help express your joys and concerns that stirred your mind and touched your soul. If you have something that you want to share with the community without knowing them who you are, send your entries (click here for more).

Tea For Thought

The talk over tea here is that anything can be the subject for contemplation, and even a small breakthrough is a joyful experience. While sipping the tea, I take a break and think. After all, ‘T’ stands for the thoughts. Enjoy the ‘T'(ea). (click here for more)

Upside Down

Get ready to read many stories of disputed matters of differences to see a different reality of the world than yours. These are mostly the stories exposing the quirky & dual standards of the society I grew up in. (read more here)

My Bedside Book

Read with me what I am reading from my bedside book.

Hugs & Kisses

The best things in life are free. Love, smile, laughter, family, friends, hugs & kisses. Sharing my personal mistakes and resolutions I want to reach out to you to create and maintain greater love and health in relationships.

‘O’ Womania

I do not know what describes me best; ‘I am not a feminist’ or ‘Just because I am feminine doesn’t mean I am not a feminist’. Read the blogs revolving around a woman and her bangles. (click here for more)

Alisha in Wonderland

Read the wonders of the world that puzzle young ‘Alisha’ and the wonders that come in the happy hours of childhood or maybe in any other phase of adulthood if your childlike curiosity is alive within you. Happy Reading! (click here for more)

Best Kept Secrets

I love science. And, I have all the reasons to fall for it. Growing in my capacity, I am sharing here at ‘Best Kept Secrets’ the knowledge that is helping my brain’s cognitive functioning in positive ways and helping me to appreciate my life more.

Pills Spilled

Being a qualified Medical Writer I owe to share all that medical knowledge that every intelligent layman should possess for better health. (read more)

My ‘Desi’ Platter

Definitely, not another recipe blog. These are the tales of cultural practices and the habits revolving around food. Not just get ready to read lots of food for the soul from the food here but to read the interesting scientific facts from spices, herbs, and cooking here to value them better. (My ‘Desi’ Platter)

Simply Sorted

Last but definitely, not least, ‘Simply Sorted‘ sorts all the scattered thoughts on a certain topic to give you practical solutions to be the best version of yourself.  In an endeavor to live the best version of myself to be a productive Muslim, I am learning to master my energy, focus and time. Read top tips guaranteed to get you through for a sorted life.

My Best (Till Now)

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