Alisha In Wonderland

It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then – Alice in Wonderland

She is Alisha. Her mindset is childlike and distractible. She daydreams, she observes, and she lives in a perfect world of her own, just like ‘Alice in Wonderland’. At a moment her imagination runs wild and she sees things what others do not; and, she is a precocious child. Then, the next moment she encounters things that make complete sense to everybody except her as they are too advanced for her. This whole world is a wonderland for her.

In the wonderland, her growth and knowledge of self and the world vary so greatly from day to day that she has no answerable identity for herself. However, she is perfectly fine with that. She doesn’t even want to know ‘who she is’. She is merry. She is sunny. She is all gleeful in being Alisha in Wonderland.

Alisha is sharing her stories from her wonderland. Let’s look at the world through her looking-glass. Let’s travel through the wonderland with her. Let’s enjoy wonders that come in the happy hours of childhood or maybe in any other phase of adulthood if your childlike curiosity is alive within you when everything you learn is ‘new’ and ‘fair’.

Then what are we waiting for?
Come on. Let’s fall down.


‘Down through the rabbit hole into a wonderworld’

Let’s read her stories…