I didn’t know if I always wanted to be a writer but I thought “I am a writer” long before I actually started writing…

you are in the beautiful world of a literary dreamer, ‘a conscious dreamer’.
And, before you roam around and read the dreamer’s fantasies, get to know her vision first.

Oh. Let me put it in simple words.
‘Know the author first.’

Although the author’s vision not necessarily dictates the readers’ vision. It is also not necessary that the author’s interpretation is always better than the others. However, it is the author’s direct influence that puts words on paper. Moreover, just like any other writer she will write her perception of the world and will typically attempt to convince her point of view.

However, it is you…you the readers that interpret what she writes and that only makes sense for you. And to be a good critical reader, it is very important on your part to know about her, her motives and her qualifications. Although, she is not writing a piece of history or a scientific method in sciences. Nevertheless, knowing her can at least help you put her views in perspective if not understand them better.

I think and I strongly believe in it that you should know ‘her’ a little bit before you take her seriously.

Know all you need to know. Get all of it straight from the horse’s mouth – from the author herself. Meet the ‘hand behind the pen’ and know everything about her writing before you start following her blogs.
Know it all right here.



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