So, Let’s Have a Look

“Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it, and above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light”
Joseph Pulitzer

So, let’s have a look in a glance. Let’s see what all ‘The Might of Pen’ has to offer.
Come On. Let’s travel through the field.

  • About
    ‘Know the author first.’ Meet the ‘hand behind the pen’ and know everything about her and her writings in this section.
  • Ink of Faith
    Inspirations from ‘Divine Inspiration’ in a nutshell. Ink of Faith encircles three domains:

    • Pearls from Qur’an
      She shares the wisdom from Qur’an that provokes her mind, quickens her heart and moves her in personal life.
    • In His Footsteps
      It is the way of life from the way of life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
    • The Treasure Hunt
      Explore the treasure hidden, the keys of happiness & ultimate salvation in the Prophetic Invocations.
  • The Diary of Anonymous
    Filled with many untold stories of anonymous, it is a perfect place to get a voice to help express your joys and concerns. (You too can submit your entries here)
  • Tea for Thought
    Join her over the tea to read her thoughts about the mundane world and its day-to-day happenings that others have taken for granted.
  • Upside Down
    Get ready to read many stories of disputed matters of differences to see a different reality of world than yours.
  • My Bedside Book
    Read with her what she is reading from her bedside book.
  • Hugs & Kisses
    Read all that matters in friends and relations that she learns from her own mistakes and the resolutions.
  • ‘O’ Womania
    Let’s look at the beautiful world from the lens of a woman who takes pride in her feminism. It is all about being a woman but from a different perspective.
  • Alice in Wonderland
    Read the wonders of the world that puzzle her and wonders that come in the happy hours of childhood or maybe in any other phase of adulthood if your childlike curiosity is alive within you.
  • Best Kept Secrets
    Growing in her capacity, she is sharing knowledge that she was unaware of before.
  • Pills Spilled
    Get the medical knowledge that every intelligent layman should possess from a qualified Medical Writer.
  • Science Lab on Kitchen Slab
    Read the interesting scientific facts from spices, herbs and cooking; and the stirring anecdotes revolving around them to value them better.
  • My ‘Desi’ Platter
    There is a pandora box of things about food to share with you all in her platter. Read lots of food for the soul.
  • Simply Sorted
    In an endeavor to live the best version of herself to be a productive Muslim, she is learning to master her energy, focus and time. Read top tips guaranteed to get you through for a sorted life.

You Are Good To Go Now 🙂
Happy Reading!