All That Glitters in dubai: Being Happy Living A Life That You Never Wanted

Living a life of your dreams might be great.
but it is an anticipated delight.
What if you get a life that you never wished.
and, you find glee there.
the perk. The Real Joy!

The Might of Pen

That day when sun was going down emanating the exquisite blend of orange, purple, and pink hues in the sky, we were on our way back from the Dubai downtown.

As If Everything That glitters is gold in Dubai

Reclining in the shotgun seat, while my husband was driving, I was marveling at how the natural flavors were magnifying the city skyline at the same time captivated by the man-made wonders in Dubai.

It was not the first time I was in the downtown. And, definitely it was not the first time that every corner of this city was radiating the sparkle. The golden sand, the melting sun, the bronze of skyscrapers, and the reflecting lights were gleaming with the brilliance. As if everything that glitters is gold here.
And, I?
I was wading through that glitter, marveling and confused by them.

Dubai is the city of massive skyscrapers, crystal waters and high-fashion shopping malls. Just name is enough. You just say ‘Dubai’ and what surfaces to mind is the luxury shopping, stunning ultra-modern architecture, lush resorts, indulgent spas, and a lot more, all deluxe. Do not be surprised if you see here lions as pets, and the police force possessing an impressive line-up of sports cars including Aston Martins, Bugattis and Ferraris.

As our car speeded by, I stared at the glossy life of Dubai and asked myself,
“But how did you manage to live here?”
“You never wanted this”, I reminded to my own self.

Living in the hustle and bustle of a city, and that too, Dubai, is one of those things every girl seems to want; all the trains, the shopping, the restaurants, the skyscrapers, and the sophisticated lifestyle. However, I didn’t wish this.

This was not the life i ever wished for

“We will get you married in some village”, my mother used to say.

My family knew my taste; and, it was so apparent by the way. Quite un-stylish, my persona was not hidden.

True. Backwoods always attract me. I am not a city person. I know nothing (ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) about latest I Phone. I can never pronounce latest brands right (until I google them). You ask me anything about current affairs I bet I will not fail to disappoint you. I always prefer a quite coffee corner or an evening walk by the beach over an amusement park. I will definitely prefer to spend some private time with close friends in a cosy informal setting over a lavish glittering party in a big circle of acquaintances (even if you bribe me handsome to attend). I definitely do not sound chic while talking or texting. I confess, I google it every time I come across those swank slangs. I am not mad over donuts, and will pick a laddoo instead. I love bedhi-roti and not the pizza, jaggery and not the jelly. Most of the time at my home you will find me laced with oils both in the hair and the skin. I still keep my Wi-Fi switched off most of the times (and my friends hate that most), and my cell-phone at flight mode while sleeping (and my husband hate that most). I hate taking selfies (unless it’s an occasion) and hate it even more to put filters over them. I really have no idea who is getting married to whom in Bollywood and who is getting divorced in Hollywood. I barely know anything about world politics and definitely nothing about the self-driven cars.

My family was never wrong when they said, “We will get you married in some village.”

That day I was talking to one of my friends who is still unmarried. She has a striking similarity to me in her taste and choices. However, I bursted into laughter when she said that she would love to get settled in a place with no power supply, perhaps a remote village amidst of mountains that wouldn’t catch Wi-Fi signals.

Ha. Ha. I burst out laughing.
By Allaah. Sometimes what we know about our persona is just a side of it.
Perhaps, the other side is just not explored yet. Today I am living in one of the most glamorous urban places of the world. It was written that way. My parents didn’t choose a village boy for their bucolic girl.

Love the life you never wanted

“So, how’s it going?”

“So, finally you changed yourself?”
No. I still prefer Laddoos. But I have tasted donuts too.

SubhanAllaah. In a place where life is all-encompassing, a place where the world’s biggest entertainers are a regular feature, a place that really doesn’t sleep, a place that sparkles like a solitaire in ring, a place with over 200 nationalities calling it their home, a place where stands the world’s tallest building and where swings the world’s largest chandelier, a place which has the worlds finest hotels, dining, malls and roads…Life is still the same inside. What is inside me is not immersed into what is outside.

Having said that, I have to admit, it is not same to live a life after experiencing all that and without seeing it at all. I confess what I learnt in living a life that I always thought ‘Not My Type’ can not be learnt living a life of ‘my type’.

By Allaah, I can never thank my Lord enough to give me ‘Not My Type’ things. They shaped me like never before, they refined my vision and expanded my experiences.

Every time I pass by those high sky-scrapers, I always think ‘it not my type’ and I always grow in my conviction, in my faith that life is beyond this glamour. All that glitters around me might be the gold, but it is not this ‘gold’ that sparks joy within me. It is deep within me.

This life is so beguiling. We relate everything, our happiness, our sadness, to the things around us. Perhaps, if I would have been living in some remote village free from Wi-Fi, I would have been thinking my happiness belongs to this particular setting and ‘my type’. Only by living a life in an antagonistic setting to my wants; I realised that happiness is an internal state of soul. For that matter, it is irrespective of that you live in a grand 7-star hotel or in a small hut amidst the hills, life is what you live within yourself and there lies your peace & happiness.

And, regarding ‘My Type & Not My Type’, I will say just one thing that Allaah SWT mentions in His Holy Book Qur’an…

“But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.”

Holy Qur’an

My Lord gave me happiness from where I expected the least. And, that’s so exhilarating.
Foreseen is humdrum. Unanticipated is bonus.

Living a life of your dreams is just an anticipated delight. Finding glee in a life that you never wanted is the perk. The Real Joy!

Trust God’s planning. Always.

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen.

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