On the Knees with Mouth Shut: COVID 19 From the Lens of a Religious Fanatic

To keep mouth shut and knees on the ground is priceless, many times.

“Maybe the bleeding now is from the bacteria being killed because of the antibiotic”, He said.

Whatttt 😳???
And, I must say that I had such an urge to say…

“Hey, bacteria do not have blood”
“Hey, neither antibiotics work as shotguns nor do bacteria have the guts (even literally) to bleed”
“And, you won’t be able to see the dead bodies of bacteria (let alone their blood) in your stool/urine even if you are a walking bomb of bacteria in your body”

I didn’t say any of these. In fact, I didn’t say anything. I had learned by then that capability to speak against wrong is an asset, but the intelligence to keep your mouth shut in front of some folks is simply priceless 🤫. An affirmative nod was all that was needed as long as I understood what the man actually meant, ‘Antibiotics are doing their job and the patient is recovering’.

With a global literacy rate of 86.3%, it is quite realistic to expect that all of us have some knowledge of even those organisms who can’t be even seen with naked eyes. Be it a cashier or a software developer, it is unlikely they have never heard of bacteria, antibiotics, microbes…

Yet I am certain that they do not know exactly what they are, just as the man who said that blood is coming out from dead bodies of bacteria because of antibiotics 😆

And, it is perfectly fine. (You ask me anything about technology or economics, I will amuse you even more.)

Hey, but why are we even talking about bacteria or paramecium when the talk of the town is ‘virus’ 💁‍♀️?

Actually, I feel same urge to say, ‘Hey, but…’ whenever I listen folks saying ‘dekho ek chotey se keedey ne kya kar diya (how a small organism like coronavirus has brought the world to its knees)’.

Well, it is OK to be informed to a degree reasonable for somebody who is not necessarily a life-science disciple or who is any other layman for that matter. However, what if one is missing the higher dimensions of this life because of not knowing just a few more details? Ah! Be an intelligent layman in that case ❤️.

Let me do my part now. I wanna talk to you regarding the virus today.

First thing first, viruses are not ‘tiny worms’, ‘organism’…not even ‘micro’ ones. Viruses are not living beings. They lie in the grey area between living and non-living. (INTERESTING, ISN’T IT?) And, let me tell you that the scientific world is mad over them, as they have mad(e) them so. For about 100 years, scientists have repeatedly changed minds over what viruses are. First seen as poisons, then as life-forms, then biological chemicals, viruses today are something that exists at the border of life and chemistry. A virus basically is microscopic sub-particles consisting of the nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) enclosed in a protein coat. But when a virus enters a living cell, it is far from inactive…and, then happens what is happening now… ‘the covid 19 fever’.

Well, I am not writing all this just because Biochemistry is one of my favorite subjects and I can go, on and on. Nope. I just intended to make a small correction in the talk of the town, ‘NOT EVEN A LIVING BEING’.

Maybe it makes a better sense now 💁‍♀️.

The best creation of Allaah SWT, ‘ashraf-ul-makhlooqaat’, the human race is in terror from a tiny microscopic particle that is not even life in itself; from the country with the largest population to the country with the superpower. With the top predator status, we humans tend to assume we rule the Earth. That’s a different thing that right now ‘a kind of borrowed life’ has taken a toll on us.

You know what, we do not actually know what it means to rely on God.
Yes, we believed in Him but we still thought a better doctor could help…
Maybe pouring some more money, maybe finding a better strategy, maybe playing smarter, maybe exercising more caution, maybe a new vaccine…

Our relationship with God is barren until our incapacity is not revealed to us…

Until He makes a lifeless particle to overpower the best creation in the web of life.
(By the way for quite long viruses remained ignored by the scientific world, “Huun! What a lifeless particle can even do?”)

Now! You will say 🤦‍♂️
“O Shut Up, you religious fanatic!”

“It is the virus that sheds its coat, bares its genes and induces the cell’s own replication machinery to reproduce the intruder’s DNA or RNA and manufactures more viral protein based on the instructions in the viral nucleic acid; the newly created viral bits assemble to produce more virus, which can then infect other cells, subsequently spreading out from one host to another, and then…and then…and then…What it has to do with God???”

Well, let me mention first a narration from the last Prophet (PBUH).

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “No ‘Adwa (i.e. no contagious disease is conveyed to others without Allaah’s permission)”
On this a Bedouin said, “O Allaah’s Messenger (ﷺ)! What about the camels? When a mangy-camel mix with them they all get infected with mange?”
On that Allaah’s Apostle said, “Then who conveyed the (mange) disease to the first (mangy) camel?”

SubhanAllaah ❤️!
Do I need to say more, now?

These are simple words conveyed to a Bedouin. I can see all of us, the laymen, in that Bedouin right now.

Yes, a virus has that package of complex biochemicals; but, it lacked essential systems necessary for metabolic functions, the biochemical activity of life. And, even if we are stubborn to say that it is the host cell that is providing life to that virus; I will say, ‘who made that host cell then?’ and ‘from where comes that first precursor of nucleic acid?’

You might have the most advanced interpretation of how life works, just break it into basics, it will ultimately reach to one origin.
And, you will reach one ultimate question…

‘Who or what is really in charge?’

So, better learn to keep our mouths shut and knees on the ground to submit to that one God to Whom everything returns ❤️.

Oh, yes. I know with our advanced intellect and knowledge very soon we might have a vaccine or pill for COVID 19 too. And, I pray for that. And, why shouldn’t I when I know that as a servant of God our hands must always work for the good. However, to assume again, the triumph as the testimony of our self-sufficiency when the cure comes, will be the same mistake again…

‘The mistake to not remain realistic about our in-capabilities and to not remain grounded’

Now you will say 🤷‍♂️, “But it’s we who created the vaccine from these two hands of ours”.

Then I will quote the Hadeeth:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment.”

And, say, “Honey, you just got the inspiration from Him”.

“You. RELIGIOUS FANATIC 🤦‍♂️”, you will say again.

And, I will not say anything 🤷‍♀️.

To keep mouth shut and knees on the ground is priceless, many times.
And, an intelligent layman is better than an ignorant professional, at all times.

Sisterly Yours ❤️
The Might of Pen

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