A Lesson to be Taken from the Kid Who Asked God to Give Her Macaroni

“Hmmm…I wish I get to eat my favorite food, macaroni, today.”
“Let’s see Miss if my dua is granted or not.”

And, both of the sisters busted into a burst of mischievous laughter.
The seven-year-old made this wish when I told her after the adhan that whoever responds to mu’aththin when adhan is called and says the ‘waseelata wa-lfazeelat…’ invocation (and, they already knew that) after that, is granted whatever they ask from Allaah SWT.

It was narrated that Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Du’a is not rejected between the adhan and iqamah, so engage in du’a (supplication).” (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 212)

“Ok. Make some dua girls”, I told them.

“Wings ❤️
“I want wings instead of hands”, the elder one (eight years old) said chirpily.

“It’s not a good dua. He gave you hand for a reason. Allaah SWT doesn’t grant bad wishes.”
“Wish something else,” I said to her ironing my clothes.

The younger one jumped in between.

“Hmmm…I wish I get to eat my favorite food, macaroni, today.”
“Let’s see Miss if my dua is granted or not 🙆‍♀️.”

“You will surely get, Allaah’s promise is true”, I said with full conviction.

The laughter, jumping, cheer and the joy of these two small kids continued to brighten my home until my friend, their mother, arrived to take them home.

I could still hear their giggles behind from the closed doors of the elevator.

After a few hours, suddenly I recalled something and typed a text message to my friend.

‘Can you please cook macaroni for kids today?’
“Afshan they eat macaroni every other day 😀”, she replied smilingly.

Then I told her about the dua her daughter made after saying the invocation after adhan. (Learn more about du’as between adhan and iqamah)

I got this picture of macaroni in pan straight from her kitchen after just a short while.

SubhanAllaah ❤️!
And, God gave her Macaroni.
By, Allaah! Such a big lesson for us ‘adults’ from the dua of a small kid.

If you are still thinking it was me who made it possible, you are wrong.
If you think it was her mother, you are wrong.
Neither me nor her mother. But, the One to Whom she made dua gave her macaroni. We were just the means to make this wish granted and to sow the seeds of faith. I had already forgotten. If Allaah SWT wanted He couldn’t make me send the message to my friend. Or, if He wanted, my friend could simply choose to not cook Macaroni. Odds could be many.

And, I am sure this memory would always remain somewhere in the young mind. This is how Allaah SWT builds up faith in the heart of a believer.

And, I am sure just like all of us, these girls when growing up would have their own doubts about duas. I am also sure they will make many wishes of wings instead of hands too. I know that they might not get sometimes even if they ask macaroni only again. I also know they will be disheartened too many times. Doubts will also creep in. I am pretty sure that the more they grow in imaan, the more their faith will be tested. And, I am apprehensive about them for all of that. However, that’s how they would taste the sweetness of this beautiful faith.

I and my friend just helped the kids to learn about a promise of Allaah SWT. But He only would teach them about His Hikmah of the exceptions.

Exceptions (macaroni)

As they say, “experience is learning the rules. Wisdom is making the exceptions.”

Sisterly Yours ❤️
The Might of Pen

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