‘Allah is the Best Planner’: When A Mother’s Sickness Blessed Her Daughter

Man puts forward a plan and Allah also plans, and His plan will always be the best as He says in Qur’an that He is The Best of Planners.

“You know what…”
“I came here only for three months with my mother for her treatment and it has been more than two years now”, my friend told me.

Both of us dozed off while talking in her dark cosy room that was filled with packed cartons and suitcases. As we woke-up we started talking again as if we stopped only to resume from where we left.

“You know Afshan, I never knew my mother’s sickness would turn out such a big blessing for us.”
“Allaah is definitely the best planner.”

“Come on. Let’s sit outside.”

She came around two and a half years back to this country with her mother. They wanted to get a surgery done covered under medical insurance here. Surgery for an eye was done. However, it didn’t cure much. Another surgery needed, another eye. Done. After a short while, some issues in nose. Another surgery. Stay prolonged. Soon, the problem in walking. Knee replacement needed. Another surgery followed by bed rest. Still not able to walk. The other knee also needed surgery. Next surgery. Bed rest again.

From three months their stay in this land prolonged to two and a half years. This morning, they flew back to their homeland.
And guess what…

Just a day before their departure, yesterday, my dear friend completed her Hifdh ❤️. By the mercy of Allaah, she memorised the whole Qur’an word by word, letter by letter during her stay on this land that opened the doors of mosques and wonderful teachers for her.

SubhanAllaah ❤️!
Can you just imagine?

When she came here perhaps, she never even thought of this. It was just an unbearable homesickness and emotional turmoil that her father took her to a mosque nearby so that she could spend some time outside. And guess what…

She started memorising Qur’an. And what next…

SubhanAllaah ❤️.
She made it. Right one day before her final departure.
She came here with nothing. She left with the Qur’an guarded in her heart. What an honour!

SubhanAllaah ❤️!
As if Allaah SWT prolonged her mother’s illness only for the sake of this noble mission.

“You know Afshan, what others see as a curse or ill fate might be a total fortune for others.”

We talked a lot. We were together almost for the whole day.
What else should I tell you about this friend of mine? I really do not want to. May Allaah protect her from every envious eye. I always heard that when you guard the book of Allaah in your chest, not only your own life changes for better but also the life of those around you. I have seen this. I have witnessed so many lives changing just because of this flower who was planted in this land before two and a half years to bloom full so that its fragrance could be taken where it was most needed.

She changed my life too, in ways so subtle that even I wonder.

In her farewell party, we all witnessed an amazing thing. We arranged food hardly for thirty people. However, even those who were not part of her study circle joined in the Dua ceremony. She was so beloved to all. When food was spread there were people more than double of what was expected. Still, the food sufficed everybody. I felt very obvious barakah in food this day, just like I felt in every other thing belonging to her always.

“Which one you want me to pluck for you”
She asked me pointing to the green bottle gourds hanging in the backyard of her home.

lubaba garden
“I looked at the bottle gourds hanging in the backyard of her home and I felt the same barakah again.”

I looked at them. I didn’t know which one to take. All of them were more than the average size. I felt again the same barakah I felt in everything belonging to her always. And, enough of blessing for me to be around her (shukran ya Rabbi, shukran).

Sisterly Yours ❤️
The Might of Pen

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