Under a Sky Full of ‘Hubuk’: An Ayah from the Qur’an I Saw in the Sky

A few months back I was reading surah al-Zaariyaat in the Qur’an. Needless to say, ‘how melodious and wonderful ❤️!’

When I reached on this particular verse…
وَٱلسَّمَآءِ ذَاتِ ٱلۡحُبُكِ
(By the heaven full of Hubuk)
For a moment, I paused and wondered about this word ‘hubuk’. Literally, it means ‘paths’ or ‘carvings’. The meandering of the water, sand, and plants when the wind passes over them; carving paths out of them, that is the Hubuk.

“Where are those in the sky?”, I thought for a moment.
“Do they mean the orbits (paths) where planets float?”, I considered a possibility.

Well, Qur’an is not about guessing and assumption. I looked deeper into the exegesis of the verse. It explained what actually it meant. Ibn `Abbas said that a sky full of hubuk means full of beauty, grace, magnificence, and perfection. It also means the complexity of the sky. It is high above us, clear yet thick, firmly structured, spacious and graceful, beautified with (oh, carvings!) stars such as the sun and orbiting planets (oh, paths!) such as the moon and the planets of the solar system.

While sitting on the black rocks against the deep blue water, I looked at the sky. As if it was explaining to me the same ayah of the Qur’an…
وَٱلسَّمَآءِ ذَاتِ ٱلۡحُبُكِ

SubhanAllaah ❤️
Spacious, graceful, textured, beautified, firm…

I looked at the sky full of ‘hubuk’ and kept looking at the ayah (sign) of Allaah in the sky.

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen ❤️

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