Things Money Can’t Buy: When Cleaner of the Holy Kaabah Refused to Accept Money as Reward

You are not wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.

I don’t know what’s been bothering me lately, but I was not feeling like writing anything. Gloomy dark clouds, announcing some inevitable storm, blocking any ray of light that could possibly reach me were in no mood to clear away. And, it had already arrived. The storm of guilt had hit me hard leaving me like a bump on a log.

And, the worst thing about guilt is that it prevents you from feeling capable of doing or not doing whatever thing you are feeling guilty about in the first place. Lol, Funny 😁!

And, with my head in the clouds, I was expecting to meet my clear sky behind them. Lol, Even Funnier 😆!

Paralyzed and worthless when I was staring at the blue screen, this image popped up, ‘a worshipper in the janitor uniform praying inside the Hateem, alone’. Yes, what was unusual about him was him praying ‘alone’ in the al-Hijr contrary to the notion ‘a janitor in Hateem’ as many of us might think. Anyways, the story behind the viral photo is as follows.

A Pakistani cleaner of the Holy Kaabah was apparently voted as the most hard-working cleaner of the month. After being nominated as the most diligent cleaner, the man was apparently offered money as a reward. He politely refused to accept everything as his reward and presented a unique demand. True! There are many things money can’t buy. He wanted to pray in Hateem, a low semi-circular original part of the Holy Kaabah that now stands outside the walls of Holy Kaabah. The authorities decided to fulfill the Pakistani worker’s wish and soon arrangements were made to allow him to pray in Hateem. The doors were closed and that area was given to the cleaner ‘alone’ for some time. Read more here.

hateem edited
After being nominated as the most diligent cleaner, the man was apparently offered money as a reward.

SubhanAllaah ❤️!
‘Praying Alone in Hateem’
(Anybody who had the chance to visit the sacred Kaabah can understand what it is like to get a chance to enter inside the Hateem and then what it is like praying there.)

What is even more amazing that this story first shared by Dr. Bilal Philips in 2014 became a positive push that I needed today. Let me tell you how.

As soon as I read the story it reminded me of another untold story that I wished, has to be told. However, rewinding to from where I started ‘I was not feeling like writing in the first place’ perhaps being skeptical if what I write is even worth-writing. I stared again at the photo of this man praying alone in the Hateem, pondered over the beautiful message it transmits, closed my eyes to revive a beautiful story I wanted to share, and the next moment I bounced back.

“If this story can recuperate me from being paralysed into action, my story can move somebody too”

“If a photo first published in 2014 moved me in 2020, my stories could also make an impact one day”

“The way it touched me and might have changed many other lives too, my story could also affect somebody in some way.”

The bump on the log had vanished. My impulse as active as quicksilver energized me to write. And, here I am writing for you again as if a heavyweight from my shoulders has been lifted.

From here starts my story where ends the story of the man worshipping alone in the Hateem, the lucky man. 

[Since you all hate to read beyond 600 words, I stop here to post the remaining of it in the next blog. Please ask me about ‘this one’ for sure in case I leave you in the never-ending wait for the pending parts of my stories. Lol 😂]

Happy Reading!

Sisterly Yours ❤️
The Might of Pen
[P.S. Word Count Has Crossed 600, it’s 625 🤷‍♀️]

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