A lesson I Learnt When My Tea Spilled On The Floor

You never know from what worst you are saved by the bad.

This is my morning tea.
My morning tea on the floor.

I gave a quick stir to the piping hot tea bubbling froth in the pot in a 12 to 12 motion whipping the pot with the flick of my wrist. And, taking a step away from the stove to take out the milk from the fridge I placed the pot back stretching my hand. Though I managed to maintain a fine balance on feet like some ballet dancer in motion, the teapot simply couldn’t take this much of art and fell on the floor.

It all came right where I was standing a fraction of second before.

“Alhamdulillah ❤️
Lest I have not moved, the boiling tea would be on me.

Taking a deep breath, I looked at the floor. I looked at the tea that fell flat on the floor along with my idea to quickly have my breakfast and then finish a certain task before husband would finally wake up.

Apparently, it seems a bad start of the day. Probably adverse and antagonistic too. I wanted to save time and it happened otherwise. Not only that I had to make the tea again but had to clean up the mess too. It appears discordant, like many other things in the lives that happen with us.

However, it is not like what it seems (just like many other things in life). Let me tell you how.

Let’s go back to my kitchen.

I was standing right next to the stove swirling around the boiling water spinning the teapot round and round. It was just the matter of a second that I took a step away and the tea fell. What were the odds against that?

If I would have not thought to reach the fridge precisely at the same fraction of second, the tea would be on my forearms, probably on my tummy too. My feet as well. It could have scalded my skin right then and there. Husband won’t be sleeping anymore. We would be rushing to medical aid. Blisters would take anywhere from days to many weeks to fully heal. (not to mention leaving the scars for years or forever). That simply means no cooking, cleaning, writing, typing, wiping…in that period. Moreover, as the clothing affects the burns I might not go out as well. That simply means no classes, no walk, no grocery, weekdays & weekend all spoiled. Other than the obvious pain and scars, who knows if I could get infection too. We would have to cancel a few of our plans too. You never know if husband had to take off from work too.

I mean you never know.
You just never know what life gives you next. It is not just the tea or any other mishappening that spills. Spillover effects on you and on all those who are dependent on you can be substantial.

Calmly this time, unhurried, I put another cup of water to boil on the stove and cleaned the floor meanwhile. It hardly took me ten extra minutes to do so.

No, my ten minutes were not wasted.
My thousands and thousands of minutes, in case, tea would have spilled over me, were saved.

And, the same holds true for every other thing in life. You never know from what worst you are saved by the bad.

Now, please don’t say, “why in the first-place tea fell” just like those who say “why in the first place God put the forests on fire” when you tell them to thank God for sending rain. Here comes the crucial need to study about the creed in Islam, matters which are believed in, with certainty and conviction, in one’s heart and soul, not tainted with any doubt or uncertainty. Here comes the importance of reading about the Lordship of Allaah SWT and about His divine decree.

For me, I am sure Allaah SWT simply saved me always from what could be worst ❤️.

Alhamdulillaah for what all He gave me.
Alhamdulillaah for what all He didn’t give me.
Alhamdulillaah for what all He gave but Took back.

Alhamdulillah for the spilled tea, on the floor, not on me ❤️.

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen

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