‘Reflections’ By The Might Of Pen

For a brighter you,
For a finer me…

Shadows are not Same Always
They might be Tall, or Short perhaps
Sometimes Bright, Dull Some days
Slim or Hefty; Right or Left
Dancing always on Tunes of Rays
Shadows are not Same Always…

Isn’t Life like a Shadow
Held in Check by a Light
By a Power, by some Rays…
What it looks to you,
What it means to me
How it appears now,
What it used to be
How we look at it,
What it meant to be
Contrary, Diverse, Unlike Always…

Storm for you,
Breeze for me…
On Some Other days
Joy for You,
Sigh for me…

Don’t You Wish a ‘Source of Light’
Perpetual, Eternal, Constant Always…
Steering reflections of Life
That look same to all
Real for You
Clear for Me…

Reflections that can be trusted
Firm on Ground, High in Sight
Bright & Upright
Not Wavering Always…

It is None other than Book of God
Boundless, Timeless Source of Rays
Guide for us, Escort for all

In its rays what Life reflects
Fair & Stable
Same for You
Same for Me…

The Glimpse of Life in light of ‘Qur’an’
The ‘Final’ message for You & Me
From the Gloom of Dark
To the Light of Day
For a Brighter You
For a Finer Me…

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Happy Reading.

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