In The Market: A Lesson Taught By An Artisan

Fear of Lord is the beginning of knowledge.

Though I am neither a shopaholic nor a photo fanatic, I had great fun there under the open sky at the beautiful little kiosks selling jewellery, paintings, fabrics, pottery, furniture, and of course, food.

Family trips always have a special charm. We all just wanted to spend some time together outside, just chitchatting, enjoying gol-gappas and jalebi.
Let’s go 😍.

The next day around 1 in the noon we were there in the very popular market in Delhi. Specifically set up by the government to provide a platform for artisans to come and sell their wares, this place gives you the feel of a traditional weekly village market.

O my, my 😍!
Beautiful earrings, Chikankaari kurtas, lovely bangles…

I am sorry I couldn’t resist and ended up buying (sorry, hubby) lovely bangles (wearing them right now), earrings, wooden coaster plates, and a beautiful marble handicraft. And, the best thing was that we got a good bargain at everything (Aah! What a joy to win at a bargain.)

“Look at those”

At one of the kiosks there, there were beautiful mugs, small cups, glasses, boxes and wooden plates with personalized messages and beautiful patterns on them.
From ‘I love you’ to ‘I hate you’, from ‘You are especial Tina’ to ‘Mummy Maarengi’, from alphabets and heart shapes to lovely quotes, there were all sort of messages to express your feelings.

“Let’s get one for ourselves”

It’s a good idea to make your morning tea feel extra personal with your name and a cute message on it. However, to see it soiled with other dishes in the sink and getting scrubbed with ‘joona & saabun’, is definitely not 😐.

“I want one for my study table”, I told my husband.
“O, Yes. It would be a gift for you ❤️”, husband said loving the idea.

“You want a couple message”, the artisan asked us while his hands were still engrossed in his beautiful art.

“No, not really. Can you please write a phrase for us?”
“Sure. Tell me”, he said while wiping his hand with a towel to jot down on his notebook the phrase we wanted on the mug.

The. Might. Of. Pen.
“The Might of Pen”, he asked to confirm.

“Can you please explain to me a bit about it”, he asked me further as I nod in affirmation.
“I want to keep it on my table. It is just the name of my blog”, I replied casually.

“No. I mean…what is the might of pen”, he asked again.
Maybe he was just asking as that would help him choose the right font style or a suitable doodle for my mug 🤔.

“Actually, I write as a hobby, like the things…”
“Mam, ‘the might of pen’ is very heavy in weight, don’t take it lightly…” he started saying before I could finish what I was saying.

Now, there was this man standing in front of me, speaking fluent English, who was engrossed till a few minutes back in his art doodling ‘tu nahi sudhregi’ on a mug.

He continued.

“Mam, people do not know the might of the pen. Its might is very heavy on scales. You must be knowing Mam that the first verse that was revealed in the last scripture for mankind was Iqra bismi…”

And, then this man with colors all around his hands and the shirt started quoting in Arabic from one of the chapters in the Qur’an, while both of us listened, speechless.

“Read! In the Name of your Lord Who has created (all that exists).
He has created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood).
Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous.
Who has taught (the writing) by the pen.
He has taught man that which he knew not” [al-Qur’an; 96:1-5] 

“Yes. True. What’s your name by the way?” Impressed with his fluent speech, intelligent thought, and philosophical taste I asked.

“I am Ram Prasad (name changed).”

“Wow. How come you know Qur’an 😯”, I asked in astonishment.
Both of us, husband and I were simply awestruck listening Qur’an from a non-Muslim Hindu guy.

“Isn’t Qur’an for everybody?”
He said smilingly ❤️.

“You and I, we both have the same Master, the One who is teaching you is teaching me as well. And, it is an awesome feeling to be taught by Him. Mam padh to sab rahe hain magar kisi kisi ko wo padhata hai (everybody is learning nowadays but not everybody is learning from Him)…I am learning from Him, mam. You know what…(now, he said looking at my husband)…everybody knows…it is just not everybody wants to change…so, they pretend that they don’t know…because they fear change…So, the Lord has put a seal on their ears and eyes…”

(Now he was explaining us ‘Summum bukmun umyun…’)

And, there I was standing hiding my guilty conscious who was not pretty sure to explain ‘The Might of Pen’ to an artisan who was just sitting on a stool on the ground in a market place selling his artwork.

“All the best, mam. A Jewish proverb says ‘fear of Lord’ is the beginning of knowledge”, after talking with my husband for a while, he said bidding bye to me.

God bless you, man.
And, we simply forgot to haggle to get a good price. It was the only place where we didn’t bargain.

Sisterly Yours 🌹
The Might of Pen

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