Neither I Monkey Nor My Father Monkey

“Hmmmm….Not really 🤔
My nephew replied while staring at the tree of evolution which he was explaining to me just a few minutes back.

His zeal turned into a deep thought suddenly when I asked him, “So, you really think we were monkeys before”.

Just a few moments ago this child was enthusiastically telling me the biggest lie taught in schools that we humans evolved from monkeys. Surprisingly, no rational mind ever accepted the Darwins theory of evolution. Nor, this bright kid 😁.

As I gave this intelligent kid a room to critically think and asked him “do u really think we evolved from monkeys”.
He said, “No”. A clear cut ‘No’.

SubhanAllaah ❤️!

Islam and all divinely revealed religions believe in the existence of Allah, the Creator, Originator, Controller and Fashioner Who has made all things well. He originally created man from an extract of clay, then He created him from a sperm-drop lodged in a safe lodging (the womb), and man remains human in his form, attributes and reason; he does not evolve or change.

“And also in your own selves [there are signs]. Will you not then see?” [adh-Dhaariyaat 51:21].

Arrrrrr 😕
No Pride. No Prejudice.
Before anybody sets any anti-science notion here…
Lemme clarify. If there is any subject that excites me most after religion then it is science.

So, let me put it before you scientifically only.

Darwin’s theory can now be shelved, after the discovery of Mendel’s laws of genetics and the discovery of genes which are the secret code of creation, and the discovery that chromosomes carry the complete physical attributes of humans and preserve the similarity in attributes of a particular species.
(I must say that it is not religion that is antiscience but this favorite theory of atheists.)

By Allaah. We are the beautiful and the best creation of Allaah as called ashraf-ul-makhlooqaat. We were never monkeys before.

By the way, monkeys are beautiful too.

Sisterly Yours
Entirely Human Never A Monkey 😉
The Might of Pen


  1. flawedman

    If all things had been made well the world would not be a mass of faults as well as contain so much evil and injustice.
    My long gone mother used to sing
    ‘ All things bright and beautiful
    All creatures great and small
    All things wise and wonderful
    The Lord God made them all.
    Poor old Mum she hoped the world was a completely different place from the reality.

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  2. kiabooks

    You may want to do a Google search for “chromosome number 2”. Ken Miller, a Catholic Christian, has done a great video with solid evidence of our common ancestry with the great apes as demonstrated by the fusing of two chromosomes found in apes together to become one chromosome in humans. Fascinating stuff.


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