ON MY WAY: What I Learn From My Travels (Part 1)

To travel is beautiful.
Who doesn’t love to travel? The world loves to travel for its beautiful destinations ❤️.

I also love traveling, not for the destination only but for the journey. No matter how bad the roads are, what my vehicle is, where the accommodations are, I always value my journeys.

I remember how excited as a kid I used to be during my train journeys in summer vacations. The window of the train was the window to the world for me. And, seeing the world has always been beautiful for me. (well fighting ugly 🥴 for the window seat was not that beautiful, anyways…)

It was just so awesome of an experience to get the glimpse of the uncut real life outside. From slums to farmhouses, from factories to sugarcane fields, from temples to mosques, everything outside is still so vivid in my eyes.

For me discovering how the rest of the world lives used to be so fascinating. No matter how long the train halts were, no matter how crowded the train was, no matter how slow the train was, as long as the window seat was mine, I was happy ❤️.

I was always growing on the way.

Year by year as I grew up the journey to my home town became more and more comfortable. From low-cost passenger train to the reservation in superfast, from train to bus, from bus to car, the roads to my home town also changed. However, every road was a walking school.

Year by year as I grew up the journey to my home town became less and less frequent. I had different roads to travel with time. I was travelling to and fro in the city. From narrow lanes to smooth roads, from congested DTC buses to Delhi metro, I was travelling on different roads. And, every road had a completely different world to get immersed.

Year by year as I grew up, I got wings to fly. I was flying above the clouds. I realised that even the sky had limits. There were fixed paths, calculated timings, controlled movements in the sky that used to appear so free and so vast from my train window. Nevertheless, my air travel also gave so much to learn (and hubby made sure to reserve a window seat every time).

To travel has always been beautiful and still, it is ❤️.

I am travelling again. I am going to my hometown after three years. Neither by train nor by bus. I am going to my hometown with family in a car. And, the driver took a road less travelled.

On the way, I looked down.
I stared at the supplication of entering a new town. I just said…
SubhanAllaah ❤️!

On the way, I looked behind.
I was wondering how much my perspective has changed about travel.

On the way, I looked ahead.
I am thinking how far I have to go (bi iznillaah) …

To travel is beautiful. I learnt a lot from this journey too. I am still growing on my way…
We have reached ‘Cheetal’. Time for some tea and pakodas.

“Mix platter for me bhayya 🙋‍♀️”

You do not go anywhere; I will be right back.
(‘On The Way’ to be continued…)

Sisterly Yours 🌹
The Might of Pen

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