“Didn’t God Hear?”: Definitely, He listened.

I know that to be a serious writer and a successful blogger you must write a lot, almost daily.

And, here I am writing just good enough to keep my nose above the water. However, my concern is not that if I would ever make writing as a creative professional.
What I regret is sometimes a lot remains untold in my procrastination…
And, sometimes it is just too late to make the right impact…

Nevertheless, better late than never.

In March 2019, when the terrorist attacks at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand shook the whole world, I was also deeply moved. However, unlike others, I didn’t go through the graphic details. Neither I discussed much, nor I expressed any outrage in any form. On a lot of things in life I simply prefer to pretend ‘I do not know much’ and most of the times I really do not know much.

With the world, I was also praying for the departed souls and the devasted families left behind. However, a fleeting thought that I didn’t want to embrace was fluttering every now and then in my mind.

In the Mosque?
In the Jumu’ah prayer?
The innocent kids and the feeble olds?
Didn’t Allaah listen (Audhubillaah)?
Didn’t He?

Audhubillaah. I knew that shytan was playing his tricks just as he was taking advantage of the situation everywhere else.
Didn’t Allaah hear the horrible shootings?
And, the shrieks?
And, the wailing?

I remember those days I was memorizing surah Mujadilah from Qur’an. And, the glory be to Allaah SWT that His Book was amusing me like always, those days through surah Mujadilah. Interestingly, I was going through a transient bad phase in my personal life too. And, surah Mujadilah was the respite.

As if it was the answer of all my questions, elixir in pain and hope in frustration.
I was wondering how timely this surah came in my life ❤️.

At the same time when I was finding surah Mujadilah in everything around me, an image appeared on social media. A picture of Blood-stained Quran. It was said to be found from the lap of a worshipper in the mosque when he was shot down.

I didn’t want to face it. I just wanted to scroll down quickly. However, I couldn’t. Something caught my attention.

SubhanAllaah ❤️!
Surah Mujadilah was here too.

I couldn’t believe that the blood-stained Mushaf was open right at surah Mujadilah and as if it was talking to me directly. The first two words overwhelmed me completely.
‘Qad Samia’
‘Qad Samia’
(Definitely, He listened)
(Definitely, He listened)

I was so embarrassed for what I was thinking.
Didn’t Allaah hear the horrible shootings?
And, the shrieks?
And, the wailing?

And, here the blood-stained Qur’an said loud not only to me but to the whole world…
‘Qad Samia’
Definitely, He listened.

Indeed, Allah has heard the statement of her that disputes with you concerning her husband and complains to Allah. And Allah hears the argument between you both. Verily, Allah is All-Hearer, All-Seer [Al-Qur’an; 58: 1] 

By Allaah, if He listened to the private conversation of the lady who came to Prophet (PBUH) concerning her husband, (so private that our mother Aisha (RA) who was there in the same room couldn’t listen to it well), and Allaah SWT established the law to give her justice, then what about those shrieks and wailing that the whole world listened?

How can we even think that He didn’t listen?
‘Qad Samia’
Definitely, He listened.

And, He saw all that too.
▪️Verily, Allah is All-Hearer, All-Seer [Al-Qur’an; 58: 1] ▪️
And, it is a big relief that day of judgment has yet to come.

And, sometimes I just want to run away in the wilderness to cry this heart out for all the accountability I fear, and to cry out of love for the Ever-Merciful Lord Who never stops showing His signs to His slaves in dying hope.

Sisterly Yours ❤️
The Might of Pen

[P.S. Contrary to the claims, the picture showing a Quran with blood stains is not from the mosque attacks in New Zealand. It appeared online earlier in September 2018, when a deadly airstrike hit a public hospital and a boarding school in Sakow town of Somalia.
Nevertheless, it does not matter.

It does not matter if it happened in NZ or in Somalia.
It does not matter if it was in Washington or in Kashmir.
It also does not matter if it was against Muslims or by the Muslims.
All that matters is ‘Qad Samia’.
Definitely, He listened.
Verily, Allah is All-Hearer, All-Seer [Al-Qur’an; 58: 1]
And, He will establish the perfect justice on the day of judgment.]


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