Good Food is Good Mood

Good Food is Good Mood.
“Really 🤔!”

I paused there and took a few clicks of those beautiful mugs in HomesRUs while doing window shopping.

‘Good food is good mood,’ I read this quote for the first time when I was in the sixth standard in school.
Yes, in the sixth standard…

We all were pretty excited about being promoted to the sixth standard. Finally, we were grown-ups now.
“O My God. O My God”
“Just four years left…and, we will be in grade 10 🤩”.

We all friends were already so enthusiastic and to make us, even more, delighted Mrs. Surinder Kaur came with the announcement…
“There will be a new subject now. ‘SUPW’. You girls can choose anyone from knitting-sewing, crafts, cooking…”

“COOKING, MAM COOKING”, I was jumping with joy telling my choice of activity in SUPW. Most of us chose this option only.

It was our first theory class and the chapter we were reading was ‘Health’.
“Good food is good mood”, Mam told in simpler terms while explaining the definition of health given by WHO.

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

I was hearing this for the first time.
Never even thought like that…

In our desi culture, we are hardly taught that health has anything to do with mental and social well-being. You just dare to mention ‘food’, ‘portions’, ‘cooking’ or ‘health’ to somebody so-called ‘healthy & fit’ but always whining, permanent pessimistic, always tensed, forever depressed, and…

And, what if I tell you there is one more component of the health MISSING in the WHO definition?
‘Spiritual Health’

Yes, spiritual health ❤️.
We all know our bodies are not just matter. They are spirit too.
So, how can we turn a blind eye to it?

If you do not agree with me open Qur’an and learn Hadeeth. If there is no connection of food and Deen why it is so that a great deal of emphasis on ‘what we eat’, ‘how much we eat’ and ‘how we eat’ in a scripture that is supposed to teach us how to worship.

(Actually, I am wrong here. The divine scriptures don’t teach us how to worship. They teach us how to live.)

If we really want to live as per Creator’s instructions then implementing a suitable diet is the key. Qur’an commands us to treat our bodies with respect. It inspires us to nourish the bodies with, not only faith but also with lawful and nutritious food.

“Eat of the good things which We have provided for you.” [Qur’an 2:172]
“Eat of what is lawful and wholesome on the earth.” [Qur’an 2:168]

It is so interesting to know that there are many verses in Qur’an that highlight the relation between physical and spiritual health. Isn’t it thought-provoking that encouragement to eat only good and pure food is often combined with warnings to remember God and avoid shytan in the same verse?

“O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth [that is] lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of shytan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy.” [Qur’an 2:168]

Healthy eating not only satisfies hunger but also has an effect on how well we worship. Do not just go on my words, give it a try and see the difference.

Well, no matter how much we drool over pizza, pastries, and soda, none of us can deny the fact that it is junk. We agree to it that it is not good for our physical health. But why do we hesitate to accept that over-indulgence in taste not only makes us physically weak but distracts us from the primary purpose of our creation 🤔?

Having said that I really do not mean that our focus should only be on spiritual endeavors. If we neglect our health and nutrition, poor health would also result in failure to carry out obligatory worship. The key is in the balance through the guidance found in Qur’an and Hadeeth.

SubhanAllaah ❤️!
I was surprised when I first learned about the mental & emotional component of health.
Once again I am fascinated.

‘Spiritual component’ of health and its connection with food is way too awesome.

A lot to explore & a lot to share in sha Allaah…
But Not Now 🤫
Time for yummy Chausa Mangoes (before hubby finishes all)

Sisterly Yours ❤️
The Might of Pen

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