Titles scream ‘Read Me’

A few days back I posted a write-up ‘Paper & Ink’ on my Blog Website. I was very surprised that the write-up didn’t catch any attention at all. The demographics showed that it didn’t get even a single click. I really felt bad that no reader even bothered to click on the link to at least have a glance. Quite skeptical, I thought to reblog the same article.

However, as I sat to reblog I questioned myself…
“Why would they bother to read it now if they didn’t read earlier?”
“After all there is nothing new”

At this moment, I thought to reconsider my idea.
“Should I simply reblog or should I delete it and post it again with some changes”
Yes, Changes.

Maybe I should change the title…
I deleted ‘Paper & Ink’ and changed the title to ‘Paper & Ink Or Laundry & Lipstick: The dilemma of an aspiring writer’.
And, Alhamdulillaah within an hour it got many views from around the globe.

Do not underestimate the power of right titles.
They are as important as the content of your write-up.

It also reminds me of a very beautiful verse from Qur’an that says ‘Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best.’

Be it your write up or a discussion around the table or just a conversation with your spouse ‘Words Do Matter A Lot’.

Sisterly Yours
Learning How to Write
The Might of Pen

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