‘The Dough Is Resting’

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why ― Eddie Cantor

“Act your age”, Ammi was scolding me while fixing the mess I had created.

I was caught dough-handed…. I mean red-handed while trying to knead the dough 😕.

I never understood why Ammi was never allowing me to knead the dough. It used to seem such a simple task 🤔.

“Jab waqt ayga to bhaagogi”
She always questioned what was that joyful in kneading the dough that I was eager to do before age.

And, I never understood what it had to do with age 🤔.
Or, just like the other kids in younger teens I was also feeling so pressured to appear older. And, the idea of being a cultured, homely, skilled grown-up girl for me was to be able to knead the dough. Perhaps, because I was told that it was an adult task. Ammi always said, “Jab badi ho jaogi tab goondhna, abhi nahin”.

That evening when Ammi was going to knead some dough for the dinner, our neighbour Rizwana Anty called her for some work. And, as she left, I got the chance. The golden chance to knead the dough.

“Yalla. BIsmillaah”
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do 😎.

“What does she think”
“Can’t I do such a simple task 🤨

A teenager full of rage poured all her confidence, energy, enthusiasm and what not …with the whole jug of water in the flour.


And, the next moment there was a flood in the tashla (vessel for kneading) 😟.
The goo. The guck. The sludge.

Name it whatever you want to, the sticky substance was there all around my dainty hands. It was simply out of control. Taking wisdom from the old age theory of ‘offence is the best defence’, I added even more flour to calm down the flash flood in the tashla. However, all my tries were to no avail. Now the only resort was to dispose of the mess quietly and to act my age. However, before I could draw the curtains over my flop show…

“Why don’t you just act your age 😠”, Mom reached.

Well, Ammi was absolutely right.
There is not much fun in kneading the dough today. There is not much fun in growing up either.

Now, Ammi really wanted that I could knead the smooth, bouncy, perfect dough…and every other day if not daily for her. And, I was looking for an escape way.

“So Mushy”
I was always complaining while kneading.

“Let it rest”
“After adding water let it rest for some time and then come back for kneading”, Ammi advised many times.

But I was always in a rush.

Wish I could learn lessons in my life through advice! I learnt when life taught me. My College life taught me a lot too.
Do you know the secret of great dough?
A little bit of chemistry and some kneading ❤️.

I got to know that wheat flours mainly consist of carbohydrates and protein, with some fibre. Gluten is the protein that naturally occurs in wheat. As water comes in contact with wheat flour, the individual gluten proteins unravel and hook onto one another, creating strong bonds. WITH TIME, an elaborate network of interconnected gluten strings forms. This network holds the dough together, giving it its structure.

Once this structure is ready, now kneading it slowly unfolds the entangled network and aligns the long gluten strings in a stretchy, layered web giving it smooth and soft consistency.

So, if you don’t give the flour enough time after adding water you do not take any advantage of gluten strings-web. Result?
A kneading experience ‘not so pleasant’
A dough ‘not so good’

So, next time when you knead a dough simply ‘Do Not Rush’.
‘Give it some time’
‘Let it rest for some time’.

You know what…
The mantra doesn’t apply to the dough only. It’s true for life too ❤️.

Give yourself some time. Let the thought process begin. Let the senses feel. Let the strong network of strings form so that when life gives you the presses, the flips, the tosses, the turns…
Your dough neither sticks nor breaks. It just glides smoothly.

And, above everything…
Calm is from Allaah. Haste is from shytan.*

Do not rush always.
Be it your choice of college. Be it the study you want to pursue. Be it the friends you wanna hold. Be it ties you wanna cut off. Be it your marriage. Be it your job. Be it a vacation plan. Be it a summer course.
Do not just run in a blind race.

“Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” ― Eddie Cantor 🌹

And, when the bullies question, tell them…
The Dough is Resting.

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen 🌹

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