Dough Chemistry: A Few Memories & A Few Lessons (Part1)

You can deny Science if you want but you can’t escape it.

Time for some old memories 😍 and some new lessons 🤩.
Time for some dough chemistry 😎.

“Yes. You heard it right.”
‘The Dough Chemistry’
It is still so fresh in the memory.

Countless evenings turned into the night around the dough. Mehek, Aliya Baji, Sana Aapi (names changed) and I used to chill out together around the tea time almost every evening.
Chit-Chat, laughter, tea and quite often ‘the dough’ as well.

The time when sky used to be melting in the lava of colors before finally turning into dark, Aliya Baji or Sana Aapi, either one of them used to be kneading the dough; and, the other person doing some other stuff or simply relaxing around. With cups in hand, we were also sitting there around the person kneading. Or, sipping from the cup simply standing by the wall nearby we used to unwind ourselves chit-chatting.

No matter how engrossed were the minds gossiping…
No matter how consuming the stories were…
No matter how hard the laughter was…

The hands were in continuous motion kneading the dough.
While the sky was changing the colors, the dough was changing it too ❤️.
Tossed. Wet. Rubbed. Flipped. Pressed.
It was changing its texture with every flip at every toss.

I have never seen anybody kneading the dough for that perfect and that long (thanks to our looooonggg gossip sessions 😆) other than those of my two cousins.

Although I used to be totally in the moment with them, their movements at the dough could never escape my eyes.

“Hey why don’t you simply add the salt in the beginning 🤔”, I asked Sana Aapi seeing her struggling daily with the salt container with her messy hands in the later stages of kneading.

“It is not the same”, she replied.

I couldn’t accept that adding salt at later stages would make the dough glide any better for kneading than mixing it with the flour in the beginning 🤨.

Gossips were way too fascinating to talk about 🙄.

I never thought about that again until I attended a lecture in the laboratory of dispensing pharmacy.

Likewise, I didn’t pay any heed to the advice that the flour should be given some ‘rest’ before the final kneading for best results.

“Come On. Is the flour, not ‘ME’ that needs ‘rest’ after a little while 🙄.”

However, I was wrong.
Later I realised, “It’s good to let the dough rest for some time”.

The literature of pharmacokinetics and chemistry and the practical exposure in the unit operation and the dispensing pharmacy was mind-blowing and eye-opening.

Today after many years, I feel this saying goes really well.
‘Science starts at home’
(Maybe around the cousin kneading the dough)

Science is a comprehensive understanding of things around us.
You can deny it if you want but you cannot escape it.

And, SubhanAllaah ❤️
Every sphere of life is so connected, akin and analogous that it starts from one core and ultimately takes you to one reality.

I got amazing life lessons from the chemistry of dough-kneading. I wanna share that with you too. And, I hope you want to know too ❤️.

Do not go anywhere.
Stay Tuned.
‘Dough Chemistry: A Few Memories & A Few Lessons’ to be continued…

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen 🌹

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