“Same be for you too”: A Bizarre Story of Faith

Dear Diary
I am…
Ok! Leave it.

It happened a couple of years ago…
I was sitting in a food court enjoying the buzz and my meal (off-course) that I received a text message on my device. It was from the sacred city. A few of my family members were in Haram.

This message was from my ‘bhaabi (sister-in-law)’ who too was there on pilgrimage. She texted me that she saw a dream about me.

I was very excited as I had a special connection with dreams* from an early age. Alhamdulillaah, most of the dreams that I see or others see about me do come true.
“Tell me, what it was,” I asked her in eagerness.

“You are blessed with a baby. We came to visit you at your place and we handed over some medical reports to your mother-in-law. The reports said that you were expecting,” bhaabi narrated her dream to me, loaded with lots of hearts and smileys in the text.


I was very happy and it was quite obvious. I had no child. I was longing for it badly.

Though, it was not the first time when somebody had seen this dream about me. However, this one had a lot more significance. It was seen in the sacred city on a very sacred journey. I was on cloud nine. I knew it would come true for sure.

Well, it happened so that just a couple of months after the pilgrimage, they planned a trip to our home. (our homes were across the borders)

As I got to know they were coming I thought, “Maybe this is the month…”.

Her dream was already on my mind. I was hoping secretly for the good news the month when they were coming. I didn’t realise that my hope was stealthily turning into a conviction. I was so convinced that I started taking care of myself quietly. I was so sure that my wait was over.

Bhaabi came to our place ❤️.
We all had a great time together.
Meanwhile, I was noticing every minute change within me that could give me some clue…
We were enjoying a lot.
Suddenly, bhaabi got ill.
They went to the doctor.

The reports said…
My bhaabi was expecting a baby.
SubhanAllaah ❤️!

The first thing that came to my mind knowing about my bhaabi’s good news was the phrase, “And for you the same”.

‘Overwhelmed ❤️!’
I didn’t lose even a bit in my conviction. In fact, it grew even more.
I didn’t lose even a bit in trusting my dreams. In fact, it grew even more.
My faith. My belief that each and every word mentioned in Qur’an and Hadeeth is real, grew even stronger.

This Hadeeth was already very dear to me. And, it became even dearer.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us that when you pray for your brother or sister behind their back, “…the angel says: And for you the same”.

I knew my bhaabi was a genuine person.
Her love and concern for me was genuine.

For a moment, I could visualise this…
Bhaabi raised her hands in Dua for me ‘O Allaah. Grant her child. O Allaah. Grant her baby.”
And, the angels around her in HARAM said, And for you the same ❤️”

Bhaabi was blessed with a handsome baby boy Alhamdulillaah ❤️ (May Allaah protect the family).


It was narrated from Abu Sa’eed that the Prophet (PBUH) said that the response of a ‘Dua’ may be of three types:
🍁Either He will answer his Dua sooner
🍁Or, He will store it up for him in the Hereafter
🍁Or, He will divert an equivalent evil away from him because of it.

Whatever is best for me. And, Allaah knows the best. However, without any iota of doubt, His favors on us are countless ❤️.


NO, By Allaah.
Not at all.

It took decades for the dream of Prophet Yusuf (PBUH) to come true.
The dream of victory of Makkah seen by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) didn’t come true the same year it was seen.
In fact, dreams are glad tidings from Allaah SWT for a desperate heart saying, “It will happen, sooner or later…something even better, at a better time, in a better way than you are asking for., just relax.”

And, by the way…
If my bhaabi wouldn’t have seen that dream how would I be writing this story for you 😁?

How would I be saying this to you…
Do you desire angels supplicate for you?
Pray for your loved ones ❤️.
Pray even for those whom you do not like (Tough! I know).
And, witness the blessings in your life ❤️.

Well, long story short…
This is how the Dua asked for somebody else was granted to somebody else too as the angels were saying, “and for you the same”.

The very fact that it was shown in the dream and was granted to somebody is enough to pacify me that it was heard above the skies. Then only the angels said, “and for you the same ❤️”.

By ‘Anonymous’
In the Ink of…
The Might of Pen 🌹

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