Well, let me tell you honestly, I didn’t know what ‘freestyle’ writing actually meant until I googled it. I thought it simply meant writing ‘freely’ in your ‘own’ style. (And, I still second on that).

Let’s know now the definition of freestyle writing that manuals give us. It is a form of writing that requires you to write your thoughts and feelings about a specific topic down on a piece of paper for a certain length of time without stopping.

So, where is the discord?
How my-kind-of-freestyle is different from the actual freestyle?

Well, not much.
My kind is just ‘some-more-free’.
It is free even with the restriction of ‘certain length of time’ and the clause of ‘without stopping’.

My point is why should we freestyle only when doing freestyle writing.
You can write for any length of time…
You can stop in between if you want…
The only rule is ‘no rule’.

Your writing should be free of all barriers. You can breathe in between. You can consciously arrange your ideas. You can shuffle your words. You can erase if you need to. You can edit if you want. There are no rules that should stop words coming out of you.

Chucking the rule book out of the window and write freely, in your own style.

Headings need not be a certain way only.
Words need not be conventional always.
Humour needs not to be ‘inserted’ all the time.
Emotions need not be ‘forced’.
Bullet points do not sell always.
Your niche should not necessarily be trendy.
Your dialogues need not be swanky all the time.

But. But. But…
You can do all that as long as it is your ‘way’.
And, it is perfectly fine if you really ‘need’ that.
The only rule of ‘no-rule-writing’, if any, is that you should sound ‘you’ and not ‘somebody else’ ever while writing.

It is not because I don’t believe in rules & conventions. However, I believe that writing should be a natural forceful communication from writer to the reader where original thoughts, novel ideas, and emotions should appeal senses in such a way that everything else becomes secondary, rules and meter just don’t matter then.

Just believe in yourself. Trust your way. It will help you find your natural rhythm and voice. It will help you develop your abilities as a writer.

I believe that there is not a fixed, specific formula or list of rules I must follow to achieve writing.
Yes, I agree. There are applicable techniques. There are tried strategies. However, they need to be picked on the way.

As a writer let me do some experiment.
Let me explore my way first.
Let me evolve by some erasing and editing.

I can tear it apart if I want. But, let me write the first draft freely my own way.
No rules. No training. No manual. Just like free verse poetry, chucking the rule book out of the window.

I implore you to not just write freestyle daily.
I urge you to write freely always.

Freestyling on the tunes of life…
Freestyling with her pen…

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen.

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