The Choice is Yours

A word that I can relate to my life a lot.

I always used to wonder why it was happening to me 🙄.

I always thought it was just a ‘coincidence’ until I started believing ‘there is nothing called coincidence’. And, my life started changing as I embraced them. Yes. Today I strongly believe that there is nothing called mere coincidence.

In most of the cases, it is just a consequence of our actions. Or, it is just a connection we miss. And, it is also a divine language for something to happen. So, everything that is happening was meant to happen that way only. All we need to do is to embrace them to take lessons.

Let’s talk something else.

I came across a beautiful verse on righteousness (Birr) from surah al-Baqarah in today’s Friday Khutbah (sermon). I was thinking about the word ‘Birr’ I studied around three years back.

‘How this word ‘Birr’ in Arabic also used as an expression for ‘land and variety’. When a sailor for months doesn’t see anything but water, reaches to land, his glance can finally see a variety of things from grass to the huge tree trunk, from pebbles to huge mountains, all kind of fruits, vegetables, animals and so on. The variety is infinite.

Similarly, ‘Birr’ (righteousness) is not just limited to one kind of act. It can be attained through so many acts of virtuousness.
The Khutbah was very explicit on the ‘Abrar’ (people of Birr). While listening I was just wishing to be one of them and was simply doing a mental check on all the ways mentioned in Qur’an to attain that status.

Somewhere I was lacking.
On some, I had a good hold.
Some were pretty easy for me.
Some were really hard.
A few I was not regular with.
A few I was regularly doing.
Some I needed to learn.
Some I needed to just polish.
A few were from my strengths.
A few were my weaknesses.

At the end of the Khutbah, I was just amazed that how Kind our Lord is that He gave us so much flexibility, so much ease, and last but not least so much scope to go ahead. At no point, one can feel that the ultimate level of Birr has been attained.

I need not be hopeless if a few things are beyond my capacity.
I need not feel proud if a few things I am doing as there is still so much that I am not doing.
I need not feel sufficed as there is always a lot of scope ahead.
Last but not least, I need not ruin myself in self-pity over my mistakes as Allaah SWT Wants us to reflect on those seeds of goodness that are still there inside. They just need some light and some rain.

Alhamdulillaah ❤️.
It was a profound lesson.

After lunch when the air became drowsy with snoring husband in one room and wheezing mother in the other one, I took my bedside book in the third one.

And, guess what…

As I opened the book, it said, “Because the Real knew of the presence of boredom in you, He created a variety of acts of obedience.”

Just a few hours back I was reflecting on a variety of acts of Birr…

And, as I said ‘there is nothing called coincidence’. Actually, it was just a connection in roots that I was able to co-relate which could be missed otherwise and a divine language.

My learning of today’s Khutbah would remain incomplete without knowing this beautiful dimension as I really didn’t think about it before.

SubhanAllaah ❤️!
He created a variety of acts of obedience because He knew the true essence of His creation. He knows we get bored with ‘one’. So, here are for us ‘choices’ that are ‘too many’.

Isn’t He the Most Merciful?
Definitely, He is ❤️.

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen 🌹
#TheMightOfPen #MyBedsideBook

Currently, we are reading ‘The Book of Assistance’ by Imam Abdallah ibn Alawi al-Haddad.

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