Let’s Go Fishing

“A woman is not complete in her life until she gets married when she gets married, then she is completely finished.”

Mamma’s home to Hubby’s home is one of those transitions that most of us go through. It comes with many changes…
From ‘what’s in the meal today’ to ‘what should I cook today’
From ‘wake me up at 6’ to ‘get up! It’s 6’.

Well, for me the ‘Mrs tag’ hit me hard when I was standing confused at the fresh fish counter in hypermarket around five years back 😟. Suddenly I realized how carefree were the days of bachelorhood and what blessing it was to be under the guardianship of your parents.

I was looking aback at heaps of fishes. I didn’t know what to choose, how to choose, how much to buy, how to cut, how to clean, what price is reasonable and what is not. All I knew was ‘how to eat fish’. Yummm. Yummm 😋.

Well, I knew that Papa used to bring ‘Singhada’ fish for the curry. I read all the placards carefully but none of them was Singhada. Ooops. I goofed up. Thinking ‘Singhada might be the local name’, I googled for the English.

‘Cat Fish’.
Singhada is Cat Fish.
And, Cat Fish was there.
‘Does Cat Fish look like this?’

Once again life got me a reason to miss those wonderful days with parents. Our parents never let us see the crude reality of many not-so-pleasant things.

I never knew how Singhada looks like. All I knew about it was ‘cute white pieces with a silver sheen outside and an unbelievable soft texture inside dipped in a steaming hot orange yogurt gravy in my plate’. For a moment I got skeptical if it was the same fish, I was eating all life.

Quite Big.
And, what on the earth those mustaches were doing there?
I never knew fishes also grow real mustaches until I got married…I mean…I went to buy fish.

“No Way. It can’t be the Singhada.”
(Well, it was confirmed later that it was the same fish papa used to bring)

I bought another random fish.
Then another.
Then another.
Then another.

They all tasted different. They tasted unique.
They were mostly sea water fishes or a few of them farmed ones.
However, none of them tasted like a freshwater river fish.

Well, whenever I went to buy fish, I noticed something. It was me only who was asking the fish-waley-Bhayya about freshwater fish. Everybody was comfortable buying other fishes. In fact, what I was buying was never the best seller 🤔.

SubhanAllaah ❤️!
I was wondering what if all of them, like me, start finding saltwater fishes unpalatable for their taste buds. Would the fresh water source suffice to meet the demands of this huge population on the earth?

Though, most of us know that roughly 71% of the earth’s surface is water covered. But, do we know the water distribution any further? The 97% of this water on earth is ‘salt-water’ in the form of oceans, seas and saline groundwater. The only rest of it i.e. 3% is fresh water. However, only about 0.3 percent of our fresh water is found in the surface water of lakes, rivers, and swamps. Rest all of it is either frozen in glaciers, ice & snow or exists underground or as soil moisture.

SubhanAllaah ❤️!
Can this 0.3% fresh water produce the food in a quantity that is being produced by 97% of the saline water, if all of us start eating only freshwater fish?

SubhanAllaah ❤️!
Now I should think a hundred times before saying ‘how could anybody eat saltwater fish. Rather I should thank Allaah million times that this 97% of water is the reservoir of food that is one of the healthiest sources of protein on earth. I should also be thankful to Allaah for the rest of my family of mankind. Fish is the staple food in coastal areas and among the poor, and an important source of animal proteins.

And the two seas (kinds of water) are not alike: this is palatable, sweet and pleasant to drink, and that is salty and bitter. And from them both you eat fresh tender meat (fish) [Al-Qur’an: 35:12]

It means the freshwater Singhada fish, the one with long mustaches, exists in the 0.3% of earth’s available water.

So, Blessed ❤️.
I was eating something that unique.

Papa used to bring for us a fish that exists in water that is only 0.3 % of that type.
Ammi used to cook for me a fish that exists in water that is neither frozen nor underground.
Hubby gives me his credit card to choose a fish from that 0.3% that has salinity best suited for my taste buds, leaving all other fishes from 97% of the water.

Thanks, Allaah ❤️.
Thank You so much.

But, I was just thinking why do they taste so different 🤔
Let’s talk someday…stay tuned for the upcoming blog ‘Oh-So-Salty-Fish’.

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen 😊

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