Tea Tale – (Part II)

It was the sweltering heat of July in my hometown 😰. Power cuts were so common that those few hours of uninterrupted power supply were revered. They were lauded with immense joy & gratitude “Alhamdulillaah light aa gai’’. That day, it was just like any other day with power-cut.

I remember it was one of my cousin’s wedding. It was the peak hour of heat when the sun was blazing in a fire on our head at 12 in the noon, and bhabi was brewing hot black tea in a large bhagona in the kitchen for everybody.
“Chai piyogi ☕️?”
She asked me if I would like to have some tea.

“Chaiiii 😟?”
“Is aag mein 😯?”
(How can somebody even think of sipping hot tea in this sweltering heat)
Completely baffled I asked.

“Arey garmi maarne ke liye hi to peetey hain 😋
(We drink ‘because’ of the heat, not in spite of it)
She casually answered.

I was really not sure what she said. ‘garmi ko garmi hi maarti hai’, ‘loha lohey ko kaat-ta hai’. These funny dialogues didn’t make any sense to me at all until I studied negative feedback mechanisms in medical science and grew in my knowledge of this world.

Oh! Is it that??
Like, when you drink a hot chai, it triggers cooling mechanism in the body. The receptors in mouth tell your body that ‘you are hot’; and, the body does its best by boosting cooling mechanisms of your body. Thus, the body starts sweating and that outpaces the effect of a ‘hot chai’ under a hot sun into your system. Besides, theophylline present in tea contributes towards the thermoregulation in the body.

SubhanAllaah 🌹!
How amazing (if it’s true)!

I never knew that tea is not just tas-tea but intelligent too 🤩. The way a ‘garam chai’ kills ‘garmi’ is simply amazing.
However, it’s not the reason why I love my tea today. That’s something else 💁‍♀️.

When I was in the third year of my graduation, I was simply in love with almost each and every subject I was studying. They all were just absolutely amazing as if they were giving me a peep into an altogether different world. Isn’t it interesting to know the things that you can absolutely relate and discover and then affirm in fascination “achcha! Oho! To ye aisey hota hai”. What about discovering such moments of amazement about your cup of chai?
Sounds Coool 😎.

I was studying the chapter ‘alkaloids’ those days…

There I read about a special class of alkaloids that is found so common in certain drinks we consume, like ‘tea’…yes, alkaloids in our cup of ‘chai’ that awaken the mind, help us to stay aware, and tame the train of thoughts that is usually going through all our heads when we have a lot going on. Although, I already knew and felt how relaxing tea had always been; however, to know that in terms of graphs, figures, doses, and chemical structures was an absolutely fresh discovery. To know about how exactly it improves concentration, alertness and fends off fatigue was very instructive in so many different ways. From the science of posology, I could relate why it is that a certain number of tea can be refreshing while after a certain number of cups, it does the opposite. I could also relate why certain individuals can drink 10 cups and still behave that ‘Coool’ while others (like me) start acting like ‘bhooki sherni’ if by any mistake get to drink a cup more than two.

SubhanAllaah 🌹!
What a deep world of Allaah SWT.

It makes tea truly appealing that how healthy (conditions applied) and versatile it can be ☕️.
However, it’s not the reason why I love my tea today. That’s something else 💁‍♀️.

Well, I am never a person who believes in being a night owl 🦉to score high in exams. For me, a proper night sleep always mattered. However, I never hesitated to stay awake if it was really needed.
I remember, it was a night before the exam and I had to stay awake at least for some more hours to be sure that I was well-prepared for the exam. It was winter. I asked my mom if she could give me a nice cup of tea so that I could stay awake and study.
“Yes, Beta 🧕. Why not?”

However, she gave me a cup of coffee instead, perhaps thinking it would work the same. EEWWWWWW. Unfortunately, I reacted badly to coffee. (that I realized later 😕)
That cup of strong coffee simply ruined my exam preparation. I was dizzy, unable to focus, extremely dry & thirsty, rashes & itching all over….and, I was wondering why.

It happened every time I had coffee…I realized my system reacts to caffeine badly…and, finally, I realized coffee is not my cup of tea.
Hey! But why 🤔??
Doesn’t tea have caffeine too?
Well, who cares?
just, give me my cup of tea.

It was the same year…3rd year in University. There was one more subject I was particularly interested in. It was ‘medicinal chemistry’ that my younger sister always wondered what that was as I was always making some pentagons over pentagons while studying that.
“kya dabbey banati rehti ho yaar”, she always wondered.
I have something very interesting to share with you from those pentagons over pentagons…
(Bear with me, it’s about your ‘chai’ only 😆.)

I was studying the same chapter ‘alkaloids’. This time in another subject called ‘medicinal chemistry’. And, trust me…tea was here too. (Kya kehne 😃!)
I found there were three alkaloids in tea; caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. So, to establish structure-activity relationship, I was studying all of them at a time. It was amazing to know that how these closely resembling alkaloids mess with each other.

AAAHA! I got it. I got 🤩.
why that day the caffeine in my cup of coffee ruined my exam preparation while the same in tea never did that.
I got to know from the chemistry that the energy associated with the caffeine alone tends to be more of an unrestrained jittery type of energy, however, caffeine with those other alkaloids as found in tea promotes relaxation, results in a more focused and concentrated type of energy. Unlike coffee, the caffeine in tea is released slowly into the body. Because of this, it allows us to stay awake and alert without becoming hyper. Besides, theophylline causes vasodilation and relaxes the body. And, what amazed me most was the strong diuretic effect of theobromine present in tea.

Aaha! I got it. I got. I can relate the frequent washroom visits after having lots of tea.
I laugh NO MORE on ladies when they say “Chai pee kar baar baar jaana padta hai”

By Allaah, Tea chemistry is complex. The hidden world inside the cup of tea simply amazes me and draws me closer to my Lord, the One who created ‘chai’.

SubhanAllaah 🌹!
Tea chemistry is mind-blowing.
However, it’s not the reason why I love my tea today. That’s something else 💁‍♀️.

To be continued…
Stay Tuned for the last part ‘Tea for Thought’ 😎

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen ☺️

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