As It Settled

It was so refreshing 🥤.
I was drinking ‘sattu’ after ages. Every time, you sip it and the glass almost reaches to your nostrils you feel like you are walking in a lane full of wet mud after rain.

I know. I know.
You might not agree.

Not everybody enjoys the smell of wet soil.
Not everybody finds the mud aroma in sattu.
And, not everybody likes sattu.

Yes. Not everybody likes sattu. Just like my younger sister. Every time somebody mentions ‘sattu’, it reminds me of a childhood memory of my sister and ‘sattu’.

It was when we went to spend our summer vacations in our home town, we also visited one of our cousin’s home there. In the sweltering heat of June, they welcomed us with sattu. My cousin’s grandmother-in-law, a respected lady in the family, handed over two huge glasses filled up to brim with sattu to me and my sister.

Trust Me.
Glasses were really huge for those two skinny kids.

We tried to say ‘No’ but couldn’t say ‘No’ as ‘Aapa Ji’ (her grandmother in law) said, “No. Drink”.
I remember how my sister was forced to drink sattu which she was almost puking up back into the glass after every sip 🤮.

The more time she was taking to drink it, the more it was getting settled at the bottom. Actually, that was exactly the thing my sister used to hate about sattu, the sediment at the bottom, the ‘mud-like’ thing 🥃.

That day, after ages, I missed ‘sattu’. I felt like drinking it again.
I was not sure if I could find that in the supermarket here. Fortunately, I had some barley and Bengal gram in the kitchen cabinet. Heating a wok, I quickly roasted them both and ground them into powder with some cardamom and raw sugar. And, then added a few spoons from that in a glass of cold water, giving it a nice swirl; and, sattu was ready to drink.

It was so refreshing 🥤.
I thought of having one more glass after finishing the one. However, I hardly had a few more sip that I started feeling full.
No Problem.
Covering it with a plate, I left the glass right there to drink it later.

As I got busy in daily chores, I forgot about it completely. It kept sitting there almost for the whole day, untouched, undisturbed.

SubhanAllaah ❤️!
When the glass caught my attention again, it was a sight to behold.
The sattu drink had settled completely. The water was almost transparent. The whole sattu flour was at the bottom 🥃.

Each and every particle had separated as per its particle size. I could clearly see the difference in grains’ size. It was so orderly. Largest grains were all at the bottom, smaller ones above that, then finer, then finer, then finer…then finest.
And, the extract had seeped into the water.

This is life.
This is us.
This is the people around us.

There is turmoil in life just like there is swirl in the glass. Coarse and fine all are together. Truths and lies all are together. Good and bad all is together. Mistakes and realizations all are together. It is mess, complete mess, sometimes so complicated that all you can see is just a mess in motion, and you don’t know who is wrong, who is right, and what is good, what is bad.

However, it settles down. And, when it settles down. It is completely separate, distinct, and visible. One of the names of the Judgement day is ‘Yaum-ul-Fasl’, the day of separation, when good and bad will be completely separated.

Even in this life, things do settle down.
you just need to sit patiently and ask Allaah SWT.

Next time when it is all in turmoil, realize it has a brighter side too.
Soon it will settle down to give you a clear picture.
Distinct. Clear. Separate.
Truth from Lie. Good from Bad. Virtue from Evil. Real from Fake.

And, what’s in the water?
Experience. New Lessons. Realisation. Reforms. Resolutions. Betterment 🍃.

Ask Almighty Allaah for help and trust Him.*

Sisterly Yours 🌹
The Might of Pen

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