Friday to Friday

“No. No. That’s not me. I take shower daily.”
“Ham to roz nahatey hain 😦

Usually, that’s what we reply when our non-Muslim friends ask ‘Hey, but why you Muslims take bath only on Fridays 🤔 (Ughhhhhh 😷)’.

I remember how my friends from other faiths used to tease us by saying ‘Jummey k Jummey (Friday to Friday)’.
A few of them are genuinely curious.
A few ask in simply disbelief.
A few just get a loose string to pull the leg.

However, I am neither offended nor embarrassed by any of them as I know that they do not know.
Nevertheless, I do feel embarrassed, highly embarrassed when I see my fellow Muslims getting embarrassed when somebody mentions that Islam preaches ‘Friday to Friday Bath Policy’.

Believe me or not, I have met many Muslims in my life who really think that a Muslim should take bath only on Friday. And, in sheer humiliation and in absolute irritation their defense mechanism is always like ‘But, we bathe daily 😒’.

I really wonder what is that thing that is actually making us uneasy…
Is it the question, “Jummey k Jummey-You too”?
Or, the question, “Does Islam really preaches Friday to Friday bath policy”?

Well, we can know the answer just by knowing how would we answer when asked such questions.
If we say, “No. No. That’s not me. I take a shower daily.”
I am sorry to say that we just fought for ourselves and absolutely NOT for the truth.
(And, we don’t even bother to know the truth, as ignorance is bliss 🤫.)

‘Truth’ 🤔?
So, what’s the truth?
The truth is that it is true that Islam really says to take a bath on Fridays. But definitely ‘NOT’ to take bath ‘ONLY’ on Fridays.

I take bath daily or whenever I need, not just because ‘I want to’ but because my religion says that cleanliness is half of the religion ❤️.

I take so much proud to be in the fold of a religion that is so explicit even on issues like ‘bathing’. If God wanted, He would have said nothing about such issues of personal hygiene; however, He gave us the explicit account of even such basic issues so that we could not take these things for granted.

For us taking a bath is ‘obligatory’ under certain circumstances such as after menstruation, post-partum bleeding, after intimacy, etc.
Besides, it is ‘mustahabb’ (not obligatory, but preferred) on certain other occasions such as every time one is going to meet people, standing in ‘Arafah, before certain acts of worship, when undergoing certain physical changes, etc.

Having said that, these guidelines are given so that a person can follow at least the bare minimum if not more.

And, regarding ‘Jummey ke Jummey’…
It is Sunnah and Mustahabb to take bath before Friday prayer.
Moreover, it is obligatory for the one who is very sweaty or has an odour that may offend others in prayer gathering.

So. Relax 🙂.
Take bath whenever you feel like.
But there are times when you have no escape at all, you will have to take a bath to maintain that bare minimum of hygiene & purification standards.
And, don’t miss those baths when it is good to have those, just like ‘Jummey Ke Jummey’.

Phewwwwww 🙄
From ‘Every Friday’ to ‘Only on Friday’!

I wonder why in this world facts can be distorted so easily 🤔?
And, I wonder why in this world everything is ‘upside down’ 🤔?

And, by the way, by any chance…
If, you are really a ‘Jummey k Jummey’ type of fellow…
Believe me, the shower-gel won’t work…
This floor cleaner is all yours 😋.

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen 🌹

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