Inside Out

“Improve your inward aspect until it becomes better than your virtuous outward appearance, for the former is where the gaze of the Real obtains, while the latter is where the envious gaze of creation is to be found ❤️. ”

How Profound!
How True!

And, once one gets the Real gaze inside, no matter how many envious gazes are outside, it can’t stop one from blooming.
Blooming never to perish.

And, I loved this even more…

“O God! Make my inward better than my outward, and make my outward virtuous ❤️.”

Did you just notice something in this Dua of Imam al-Haddad?
Is he really asking Allaah to make his outward virtuous?
Is he saying ‘inward better than outward’?
Yes. Indeed.

Around us there are two parties.

First that says “sab dikhawa hai, iman to dil me hota hai”
And, the second that says “ye nahin to kuch nahin”

The former totally negates everything and anything that is ‘outward’. They feel no shame in translating intentions of somebody practicing.
When they see a man with beard, they laugh.
When they see a woman in niqab, they mock.
When they see somebody disiplined, they scoff.
When they see somebody not eating a certain thing or a certain way, they can’t digest.
This group has the typical psych of the one who suffers from inferiority complex, and feels better, safe, justified in their emteem by letting others down this way.

The latter group is the group of ‘inflated-egos” who are riding on high horses. They have typical psych of someone plagued with superiority complex.
When they see anybody doing any lesser than them, they cant stop pointing fingers.
They judge.
They insult.
They ridicule.
Anybody. Everybody. Anywhere. Everywhere.

I wish we could realise that none of these two extremes are right. The path that is straight and right is the mid-way.

Love of Allaah SWT is a colour that when seeps in, leaks out too.
When it is hidden inside, it is apparent too.
The deeper it is rooted, the far can be seen its radiance.

Inward and Outward, both are important.
Work hard on your inward.
The outward is following.

And, let them say about your outward whatever they want…
….as long as your inward is obtaining the Real gaze, need not to worry.

Happy Reading
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Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen 🌹
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