‘Sofa on Sale’ (from a Blogger’s home)

Here is a pretty cool reason that you should start reading my blogs regular (if you are not reading yet).

Here is a solid verdict that you should start taking my writings seriously now.

Here is the reason that you should start believing in the might of pen… I mean in the power of writing.

So here is the story, why…

We wanted to buy new furniture πŸ›‹οΈ. However, on the condition that first we should sell the old one (I mean the existing one).

So, husband placed an advertisement on dubizzle “5 Seater Sofa with Centre Table for Sale”. He also created a separate Ad for dining table set.
What Next?
The Ads kept sitting idle for around three months. Only two people showed interest in the dining set; however, they never showed up to buy or to have a look at least πŸ˜”.

We were pretty sure that this furniture was not going anywhere. Anyways. No harm in trying luck again (with just a minor change this time) πŸ˜’.
This time Ad was not created by the husband but by his ‘Aspiring Writer Wife.

Here is the Ad again.

“This 5-Seater beautiful custom designed sofa is perfect for a humble cosy setting. The off white covers in contrast are of good quality soft fabric from India. The floral pastel shades and net cutting on covers balances the vibrant red of sofa, keeping the mood lively at the same time. And, these pretty hand rest covers (only 9 months old) are hand made with lots of love and creativity. The fabric of hand rest covers is silk and cotton.
Buy our beautiful sofa and take these pretty covers for free.
Not only this, take this centre table too and that too FREE 😊. ”

Ad was Posted at Around 10 PM.
And, then happened what was not happening from last three months 😳.

Two interested buyers texted within half an hour after posting the Ad. Then, a few rang our mobile. As it was already quite late we didnt check our mobile after that. Next morning two families rang our doorbell to check the furniture. And, the deal was sealed with one of them right then and there. And, by the way they just came to buy sofa but bought from us the dining table too.
In less than 24hrs, the sofa set and the dining set both were sold.

Now after writing this, the next thing I am going to do is to delete the Ad from dubizzle as around 15 interested buyers have contacted us till now and a few are still texting “Hi, is it available?”

“Sold Out 😎”.

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen πŸ™„

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