Fish In The Dish

One of my friend’s family wanted to eat authentic home-made ‘Nihari’.

One cool day I thought to cook for them. However, I didn’t inform them in advance. Not just because I wanted to surprise my friend, but I didn’t want to bother them. This generous family has the habit of showering with lots of return gift whenever you send them anything. My husband just rang their doorbell with the steaming hot pot of ‘Nihari’ on a prior notice of only five minutes.

Well, even that didn’t work.
My husband came back with a bag full of things 🙄.

“Fresh curry leaves”

My husband was saying them loud while taking them out one by one. She sent a bag full of fresh veggies from her kitchen garden.

There was one more polybag inside the big bag.
Husband opened that too and said loud…

“Tell your friend to not send FISH again, otherwise I will not go there to give anything”

Poor Guy! He can’t bear the smell and sight of any seafood 🤭. Leaving everything there on the slab in the same position he ran away from the kitchen to escape from the fish and the fishy smell.

Well, honestly the fish aura had enveloped the whole kitchen. It really had a lot of smell. Clearly, it was salty-water fish. My friend’s family usually go to sea for fishing.
Oh! How much I miss the freshwater fish in this Island. Back home in India, we used to have only fresh river water fish. Perhaps that’s the reason that my taste buds don’t accept the salty water fish very well. I have tried so many fishes over here but none tastes like ‘rohu’ ‘singhaada’ ‘trout’.

I was wondering how significantly the taste of fish changes from water to water.
SubhanAllaah ❤️!
How mesmerizing!

Why shouldn’t it change when sweet water is so different from salty water. Isn’t it mentioned in Qur’an?

And it is He Who has let free the two kinds of water, this is palatable and sweet, and that is salty and bitter; and He has set a barrier and a complete partition between them. [Al-Qur’an; 25:53] 

I hope we all studied the science of estuary in school.

“Oh. Yes”
“I got it 😎
Suddenly it reminded me of a lot more things ‘partition coefficient’, ‘osmosis’ and…

“Oh. I was a fool to think that river water and seawater fish could ever taste the same”
Well, I got the spark to write for ‘Science Lab on Kitchen Slab”.
I will come soon with its second part.

For now,
Fish in the Dish
Stink in the Sink
Write-up in the Ink

The platform for ‘Science Lab on Kitchen Slab’ and ‘My Desi Platter’ is ready too.

desi Platter 1

While I cook the Fish and do something for the Stink, you all enjoy this Ink.

Maa Salaama

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen

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