The Water

I wanted to live near water, near some river, near a stream or near a pond maybe.

“Wish we could have our home at the bank of Yamuna!”

I always had this dream when I was young. Being a nature-lover, I was always fantasizing picturesque streams, beautiful ponds and dancing rivers. However, in Delhi the only water body closer to my imagination (in dreams only) was the Yamuna.

‘Yamuna’ was the only river passing from Delhi. Elders in the home always talked about it. Once there used to be a lot of water in the Yamuna. Just like any other ‘river’ it used to be like a river with running water.

Though our home in Old Delhi was not very far from the Yamuna, we siblings have no memory of any picnic on Yamuna Dam or any visit for the sake of ‘Yamuna’ whatsoever. In our times it had narrowed so much (and, polluted Very Much) that any such adventure was out of the question.

I had also stopped wishing for a home at Yamuna Banks.
However, I didn’t stop dreaming of water.
I still wanted to live near water, near some river, near a stream or near a pond maybe.

That’s a different thing that like many other hidden dreams, this dream too remained unspoken. It hid somewhere inside.

Life was running fast.
From ‘growing up’ finally, I grew up one day.
School. College. Work. Marriage.
I got married overseas.

Just after a month or so, husband sent Visa (and of course a ticket to fly) for me. When the flight landed it was midnight over there. A new life that was gift-packed in the layers of the darkness of the night greeted me. Next morning, when I opened my eyes sunlight had unwrapped everything hidden. I went straight to the window of my room and looked outside.

At my right side from the window, the sea was there. My home was across from the water.

I always wanted to live near water; and, here it was.
I dreamt of ‘just a river’ or ‘a stream’ or ‘some pond’ maybe; and, here it was a gigantic sea in front of me.

It was so overwhelming. I felt grateful to my Lord. He always provides more than what we ask for. Alhamdulillaah.
Now I could look at the water for as long as I wanted.
Now I could go near the water whenever I wanted.
Now I could play with the water as much as I wanted.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5…

A few months back while sipping the tea from my cup by the window I looked at the water. The water wanted to talk. It wanted to ask something.
“Why every dream is more treasured before it is fulfilled?”
“Why everything is more beautiful before you own it?”
“Why all pleasures here are temporary?”

The water was asking me.
“Aina-sh-shaakiroon (where are those who are grateful)?”
“Aina-sh-shaakiroon (where are those who are grateful)?”

Sometime back I read this book ‘Aina-sh-shaakiroon’. The whole subject was revolving around just one verse from the Qur’an.

And few of My servants are grateful [Qur’an; 34:13]

Being grateful is not just feeling overwhelmed and saying thanks. Being grateful is acting gratefully. Being grateful is to give back too. Being grateful is to be more in obedience. And, being grateful is definitely not being ungrateful with a ‘new complaint this time’.

Being grateful means ‘a lot more things’ that I definitely need to learn.
Nevertheless, ‘Alhamdulillaah’ for this water across the window.

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen





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