The Fingerprints

Does man think that We shall not assemble his bones. Why not, We are able to put together in perfect order the tips of his fingers. [Qur’an; 75: 3-4]

We were going for the registration of our vehicle for the residents parking. We are the two users of our only car.

So, who will give the fingerprints?

“I will get myself registered with the fingerprints, and the card is yours,” my husband said.

Go Ahead.


“Please come down fast with the card”
“Scan is not recognising my fingerprints”
“I can’t get my car”
“Bring the card please”

He He. It happened what was feared. Poor husband!

I already reminded him that he had the issue of excessive sweating in his hands and getting himself registered with fingerprints would be a bad idea. However, husbands are husbands.

Well, we are going to get a new registration now.
This time me with the fingerprints.
Yeah. Now I can get his car at my fingertips now.
Sounds Cool.


I was just wondering at this amazing design and engineering of my Lord.
The skin on the palmar surface of the hands and feet forms ridges, so-called papillary ridges, in patterns that are unique to each individual and which do not change over time. Even identical twins (who share their DNA) do not have identical fingerprints.

And, I wonder why it happens all the time!
Just coincidence!

I was thinking about fingerprints.
And, came across something wonderful in Qur’an at the perfectly right time.

Does man think that We shall not assemble his bones. Why not, We are able to put together in perfect order the tips of his fingers. [Qur’an; 75: 3-4]

The man argues that Allaah SWT will not able to return his bones and gather them from their various places.

Does man think that The One Who created him in the first place will not gather his bones? Surely, He will gather them and He is quite able to put together his fingertips. His power is suitable to gather (and recreate) them, and if He wished He could surely resurrect him with more than what he originally had.


This is the power of my Creator. He first created such a unique identity for all of us, and He will create it again. Ditto. From nothing.

Thanks, Allaah for everything.
And, special thanks for these unique fingerprints.

Wives can now hide the parking card nowhere-somewhere in this vast earth, and husband’s car is registered on wives’ fingerprints.

World on fingertips!

Maa Salaama

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen 🙂



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