#10-Year Challenge

I was in my late teens that time or perhaps had just stepped in my 20s, I found it really true what she said.
One of my cousins shared what she read in some book about aging.
“Every five years a human changes into a new persona.”

I asked in amazement 😲.

Jokingly we kept sharing for quite some time about our changing preferences, likes, and dislikes, traits and behaviors in the past five years. Though it was just for fun and I really don’t remember now from where it actually started. Perhaps it started over a discussion among the elders there about some relative who they found ‘quite changed’ over the period of time.

And, it really doesn’t matter actually about whom they were talking and how it started.
All that matters is that it’s true.
I kept comparing my ‘then’ and ‘now’ in all my tastes and choices and every discovery was enlightenment.
Wow! True 😮.
Wow! True 😮.
Wow! True 😮.

Little did I know that it was quite obvious for any other teenager like me stepping into adulthood. Though it was normal, I found it pretty amazing. As I recently said ‘to become conscious of something you were not conscious before is enlightenment’.
Well, let’s play this game now. Today.
Let’s play this game of ‘then’ and ‘now’ today when I have stepped into my 30s. Play it seriously and honestly this time.
(And, by the way, in the times of antiaging creams, Botox, photoshop, camera corrections, and filters ‘#10 year challenge’ is just another joke viral on social media)

Well, let’s play
O Wow! True 😮.
O Wow! True 😮.
O Wow! True 😮.

Yes. Changes are still here.
But, have a closer look at those ‘changes’.
Is it ‘our persona’ that is evolving or just the setting around us.

Imagine yourself standing on a spinning disk. What is that thing which is moving?
You or the disk?

#10 year challenge
🤔Running blindly after a degree & grades. Still running. Only the setting is new. Running blindly after money & titles now.
🤔Sitting leisurely at the staircase with a bunch of mates. Still at leisure. Only the setting is new. Scrolling down leisurely at FB virtually with so-called ‘friends’.
🤔Gossiping, teasing, lying out of fun. Still the same. Only the setting is new. Still blabbermouth out of habit and necessity now.
🤔Envying the person doing great in studies and life. Still envying. Only the setting is new. Now envying the neighbor as their daughter is doing better than ours.
🤔Spreading rumors out of curiosity about the girl who was smiling while sharing notes with that boy. Still slandering. Only the setting is new. Now slandering a relative who we just hate out of envy.

Nothing has changed at all.
Absolutely nothing.

We were blind and we are still blind.
We knew nothing about the purpose of our existence and we still do not care.
We never thought where we were heading towards and we are still heedless.
We knew nothing about the ‘One’ who created us and we are still ignorant.

We have really not aged a day.
We are still young and perhaps will die young.

Ya Allaah. Make us realize that the one whose two days are equal is a loser ❤️.
Ya Allaah. Make us realize that the one whose today is worse than his yesterday is accursed ❤️.

Sisterly Yours
The Might of Pen 🌹

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